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Thursday, September 08, 2016


by Angel-Light Love of Texas, September 8, 2016
on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

Earlier this month, the term “go clear” popped into my mind during meditation. So I turned that into an affirmation/decree, the main part of it being, “I Am going clear—now.”  After I made that affirmation, I seemed to remember that “going clear” is a term I’ve come across when reading about celebrities and Scientology. (I’ve never studied or read books about Scientology.)  I realize that “going clear” isn’t a simple thing in Scientology, but when I speak my affirmation/decree aloud, I do notice a shift, including the mind going quiet.  Long story short, it benefits me.

I'd been noticing the word "purify" lately--the last time in an excerpt of an excellent article of Lisa Renee (www.energeticsynthesis.com) titled “Timelines Shift” that Bernhard Guenther (www.bernhardguenther.com and www.veilofreality.com) shared an excerpt of on Facebook recently.  It occurred to me last night to chant the word slowly over and over while deep breathing. Sometimes I spoke, “Purify now please.” Wow!  Made a difference.  This morning before arising to begin the day, I did it again, but found myself being encased in a golden cocoon and bright gold light coming in at the top of my cocoon (like water) and slushing through me as if I were in a washing machine.  One of my Divine Support Team (aka an angel) opened a drain at the bottom a couple of times for the dirty light water to exit, and then more golden light water came in. How wonderful!  I (and others, for that matter) find that I really need to clear/cleanse/purify in the mornings before beginning the day, but I haven't always thought to do so. I intend to do better at that.

My reality is that the things I do all ensouled humans can do--beginning with establishing a strong connection with High Self and Soul Source and Oversoul and maintaining it, or just becoming aware of the connections and the resources available. I do sometimes wonder if I'm wrong, though, because so many people prefer to look outside themselves rather than go within and to have someone else do their healing/clearing work rather than address issues their own selves.  But how can people know for sure they can’t become spiritually awake and aware if they don’t meditate and go within, if they don’t follow the recommendations of experienced spiritual facilitators for so doing?  How can they learn to work with their body consciousness (as I do) to heal and clear themselves it if they don't begin it?  It's about a constant awareness of Divine connection and the spirit of this, that, and the other--for example the spirit of one's gall bladder. Oh, well!  I just wish I could assist more people to wake up and learn about the abilities that are available to them as Divine souls/spirits incarnate--all part of Divine.

In service, we are Angel-Light Love & Team.  Through this embodiment, we have facilitated the awakening, liberation, healing, wellbeing, enlightenment, and ascension of people around the world for over 25 years. How can we assist you?

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