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Friday, October 14, 2016


by Angel-Light Love of Texas, October 14, 2016
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I consider these two quotes shared by Bernhard Guenther (www.veilofreality.com) on Facebook recently to be profound words of truth.

John Baines in “The Stellar Man”:  "A person who does not rapidly integrate collectively is believed to be antisocial, but he who merges easily and completely with the masses and loses his individuality is considered very valuable. This willingness to merge is considered the correct way to be and is seen as the mark of a social conscience. Here again sapiens has missed the point, for it is not possible to help or love others without first knowing oneself."

Osho:  "The real self is dangerous: dangerous for the established church, dangerous for the state, dangerous for the crowd, dangerous for the tradition, because once a man knows his real self, he becomes an individual. He belongs no more to the mob psychology; he will not be superstitious, and he cannot be exploited. And he cannot be led like cattle, he cannot be ordered and commanded. He will live according to his light; he will live from his own inwardness. His life will have tremendous beauty, integrity. But that is the fear of the society.  Integrated persons become individuals, and the society wants you to be non-individuals. Instead of individuality, the society teaches you to be a personality. The word 'personality' has to be understood. It comes from the root, persona; persona means a mask. The society gives you a false idea of who you are: it gives you just a toy, and you go on clinging to the toy your whole life."

It might be beneficial for the reader to meditate on these words and their meaning. Deep breathe and then read the words slowly aloud. Next, deep breathe some more and quiet the mind for a few minutes and witness any words that come to mind that could be related to what you just read. When meditating for information or guidance, negative words are words are to be ignored, while positive or neutral words are to be valued.

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