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Friday, December 30, 2016


by Angel-Light Love of Texas, December 30, 2016
on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

In service, we are Angel-Light Love & Team.  Through this embodiment, we have facilitated the awakening, liberation, healing, wellbeing, enlightenment, and ascension of people around the world for over 25 years. How can we assist you?

Many years ago, I discovered the book, “Passing the Torch: The Way of the Avatar,” by Carol Bell Knight, on a friend’s shelves.  Carol wrote that those who had found and were drawn to her book were angels incarnate. Perhaps.  There are angel souls living in some human body-mind units as well as various other types of souls.  In the past, I’ve separated human souls/soul fragments from other souls/soul fragments when performing the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis, referring to the others as lifestreams.  I’ve also defined all as consciousness units.  I was aware it isn’t as simple as I was trying to make it for readers who might become confused if I gave more in-depth information.   Carol presented this Angels Creed for those who know or suspect that their soul is all or part angel.  The paragraphs are not necessarily in the order that I found them in the book.

Angels Creed:

I recognize the differences in people, and I make very sure that I do not mix my angelic forces with those whose evolving vibration is in disharmony with mine.  I bless them by my presence, but I turn and go my way when they try to take me in, to be one with me because of my Great Light, which is emerging.

I seek to serve the Light.  I cleanse myself of the lower emotional body so that it ceases to have any control over my life.  I recognize that the lower emotional body is a creation of human-ness, that it has no reality, nothing to do with my angelic self.  Therefore, I cleanse myself of that body and transmute those feelings, which formerly were filled with emotionalism, into the higher feeling body.

I am alert and aware of the needs of others.  I do not interfere when the hand upon my shoulder says to leave something alone, but when the thought in my inner awareness is to assist, I do so.  I have great power of discernment so that I know where I am to serve and where I am to leave things alone.

I pray and meditate and contemplate the wonders of the world, the wonders of my association with like beings, and the wonder of my association with the Light which is God.  I look around me and ascertain the most perfect place that I can be upon the planet Earth from which my work can be done.

I willingly remove myself from conditions that appear to be desolate, confused, and difficult, knowing that from the point of view of my energy system, I cannot afford as an Angel of the Light to go down into the lower elements.  In order that my Light may shine brightly, I remove myself from all lower elements of humanity, blessing them from a distance, but not partaking of their confusion.

I realize my dominion over my physical world.  I realize it so thoroughly that my physical world merges totally with my higher world.  I clearly realize my whereness, knowing that if I insist upon being merely human, I am coated with the human world; if I remember to be one with my angelic self, I am constantly and continuously lifted into that angelic self.

End of Angels Creed

I wish this human could report that I’ve followed the Angels Creed ever since I claimed it, but I’ve fallen short many, many times.  There are six angel souls being hosted by this body at this time.  There are fifteen angel souls being hosted by the body of someone I’ve known for over twenty years with whom I’ve always felt our angelic connection, as has she. There are three angel souls being hosted by a friend of about a year, whom I spend several hours with every month.  There are four angel souls being hosted by a family member.  We have found angel souls inhabiting many human bodies (along with other types of souls) over the years of doing the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis—but definitely not all. Things are not always as simple as they seem.

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