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Monday, January 18, 2010


January 17, 2009

I've been given several more items for the Divine Reconnective Healing process this month--three yesterday! I apply each for my own self first and then to supporters on my current list as intuited. Of course, nothing is done without permission of each individual's divine oversoul/overself. Some of us benefited more than others of us from these new items that are added.

The first item is about clearing blockages that originated in the twelve dimensions of consciousness that are in the nervous system (including spinal cord). I felt the results of this within an hour. I was amazed! The second item is about setting the chakras/energy centers so that they function through eight vibrational dimensions. This I didn't need as much.

It took me a while to develop the third item, and I needed more assistance from the team to do it than usual. It's about using the divine blueprint to repair, heal, etc. the aura. I was blown away by the wonderful effects (which began immediately) of this on my own self. At one point part of my body felt nonphysical--like just light energy. Wow! I'm given to do this once a day for several days because, depending on the individual's needs, it takes a while to achieve the benefits fully and to ensure the benefits are longstanding. It's going to mean extra effort on my part as far as the Divine Reconnective Healing process is concerned, but I'm so pleased and grateful that I want everyone who experiences the process to benefit. I was so thrilled after I applied this item to myself that I almost got out of bed and turned on the computer. Instead, I drafted this. Whee! If anyone who has experienced the process during the last two years wants to experience it in its current form this month, we won't require the analysis first.

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Angel-Light Love
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