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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


April 20, 2005

During a consultation recently, I heard the man seeking input say several times: "I need to __" and "I want to __." Finally, I blurted out: "No more need to. No more want to. It's I Am--Now."

Affirmations are a way to shift/change/affect subtle energy fields (within and without) so as to create/manifest. Affirmations are not to be recited from a feeling of need or want. The best possible use of affirmations is to come from a consciousness of knowing and a feeling of gratitude. Sincerely saying "thank you" after an affirmation is good practice.

Suggested form is: "I Am knowing I Am _________ now." Some affirmations that enhance one's overall wellbeing are:

"I am aligning myself with my master plan now." "I am letting love now." "I am loving all now." "I am aligning my subconscious mind and my conscious mind with my superconscious mind now." "I am anticipating all impending events with enthusiasm and expectation of good now." "I am celebrating life now." "I am accepting and embracing all of me now." "I am releasing what is not mine to carry or to heal now." "I am knowing all is well and there is plenty now." "I am knowing I am well now."

Enjoy, in joy, joyfully!

May all be well with you. May there be plenty of you.
I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am.
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Angel-Light Love
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