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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


June 7, 2005

I subscribe to the newsletter of Ken Page, an empath, futurist, and intuitive, who is founder and director of Multidimensional Cellular Healing (TM) and creator of Heart & Soul Healing (TM), and who has authored several books. I highly recommend you go to http://www.kenpage.com and read his current and past newsletters.

In Ken's latest newsletter, he relates one of his many unusual experiences. In summary, he was driving to a daytime business appointment and becoming groggy when he received a message to stop and pull over, which he finally did. He remembers his head hitting the steering wheel before he blacked out. He then found himself rushing into a burning building with a female to rescue people. However, because they were not in their physical bodies and the people were, it took several tries and adjustments before they could make energetic contact with the bodies of those needing rescue rather than pass right through them. Several angels were involved in the rescues. When their task was complete, Ken chastized the group of angels for putting themselves in danger (not taking the proper precautions, etc.). Then he returned to his physical body. When the news of a major fire came out on the media, Ken recognized that was where he had been. I encourage you to go to Ken's web site and read the full story.

I sometimes (yes, even in daytime) find myself fading out and compelled to leave my physical body--for meetings of my Council, for lessons, and for tasks. One example: A week or two after 9-11, I found myself helping other angels rescue many confused, lost souls who experienced traumatic transition when their physical bodies died in the tragic events of that day. We created a scene that would be acceptable to them (buses in a wooded area), formed them into lines, and ushered them onto the buses. From there, they would be moved through portals to the next level. Often, souls whose bodies die in traumatic fashion become earthbound and need help moving on.

Once years ago, I was taken out of my body for a demonstration of what is intervention and what is interference in people's lives. Another angel was my guide/teacher. The memory of the example of interference has faded over time, but I do remember we intervened for a man who was blindfolded with hands bound and being led out of a motel room or apartment at night in the inner city by two men with guns. Just one of many angelic adventures!

Being a professional angel (some of the time), I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am. My angelic mission is supported financially and materially by some of those I assist and by others who recognize and appreciate my work on behalf of humanity.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator