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Monday, September 26, 2005


September 26, 2005

New people who come into my life often ask about my name, so I've decided to put the information in a blog. When I was activated and awakened to my angelic mission, I was Divinely guided to put the title "An Agent of the Light" (shortened form of "An Agent of the Light Force of Archangel Michael") on my business/calling card. Several times people I gave the card to told me, "You're an angel. Put that on your card!" Of course, I protested that I was not an angel. Then one day I was guided to look up the word "angel" in the dictionary. One of the definitions was "a good and beautiful person." I thought to myself, "Well, I try to be." Then I was guided to put "An Angel of the Light" on my card (short for "An Angel of the Light Force of Archangel Michael"). Oh, the ramifications of that! Won't go into it here.

At an organization's garage/rummage sale shortly thereafter, I was drawn to a t-shirt of beautiful love prose, began talking with the man wearing it, feeling more and more of a connection as we talked and held hands. This cosmic man and I began romantically involved a few weeks later, and he called me his "Light Angel" and his "Angel Light," It was then I knew that I had found the name I had been seeking for so long: Angel-Light.

I changed my name to Angel-Light (no middle name, no last name, just Angel-Light) in all but the legal sense during the last quarter of 1991 (was pretty much "out of the system" anyway). Years later, I discovered it had become less expensive to change one's name legally, and that I could do it without an attorney's assistance. So during the first quarter of 2001, I changed the name legally, acting as my own attorney. I needed a last name and chose "Love." Lovejoy would have been nice, but Angel-Light Love gave me a numerological vibration I liked. My name was Angel-Light for 9 1/2 years. My legal name has been Angel-Light Love (no middle name) for 4 1/2 years.

Being Who I am, I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator