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Monday, October 17, 2005


October 17, 2005

Several months ago, I was drawn to watch a "science-fiction" movie on television called "K-PAX." K-PAX is the name of another planet, the home of a visitor to this world (a very evolved, scientifically advanced consciousness unit) who took over the body of an earthling, said to be a "friend" of his, after the earthling experienced extreme trauma and retreated into himself. He loved the earthling, came in to assist, and used the time in the body for research purposes. The visitor (Kevin Spacey), whom I'll call K-Pax, told a psychiatrist assigned to him (Jeff Bridges), that he had been with his friend in that body before--beginning during childhood.

During the 1990s over several years, I downloaded much information on the nature of the soul in preparation for publishing a book, something I decided against when I found that others, more well known than I and with more resources, were covering the information. Ever heard it said, "Truth is stranger than fiction"? So true! And much labeled "science fiction" decades or even centuries ago has been proven to be fact. The words of a song come to mind, "We've only just begun...to live...."

There is no limit to the number of units of consciousness that can be with and work through a human body-mind unit legally, some temporarily, and some throughout the life of the body. I refer to a person's "consciousness mix" often in my consultations. There are various scenarios that have been revealed and terms which describe them, including "walk-in" (when one walks out and another takes over the body), overlay, aspect shift, soul braid, double occupancy. These are not to be confused with spirit possession, which is illegal. It is common for the units of a consciousness mix to be of the same multidimensional soul self or soul group. Many times only one unit of the consciousness mix interacts with other people over the lifetime of the body, but just as often, there are shifts during stressful times, or after life changes. In some people, the shifts happen on a daily basis. Fortunately, the average person does not notice the subtle differences in a friend or family members. Some of us do notice. I do.

I recognize that this is deep stuff and some readers might ask, "Do I need to know this?" Maybe you don't need to know, but I felt like sharing. Take it or leave it.

I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am. I serve as an Instrument of the Divine in this world, through this human body-mind unit.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator