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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


November 22, 2005

I am what is called a "sensitive"--clairvoyant and clairaudient, and very much a kinesthetic person. I don't like the word "medium," but that description applies. Keep these words in mind as you continue to read. Watched the television series "The Ghost Whisperer" for the first time the other evening. It's based on a sensitive's experiences.

During October, I began sensing intense energy coming at me and "overheard" (not like hearing voices, more thought forms) entities calling me by the body's name, which I changed to a name I chose in 1991 (14 years ago), and also "overheard" the label "New Age." Was asked several times, "Are you a Christian?" I'm enlightened and educated enough to know the entities were sent by a person or people praying and was almost certain I knew who had started this round of psychic attacks/assaults. However, I'd never experienced that intensity.

A couple of weeks ago, I accepted an invitation to stay with a person in a different North Central Texas area. I had assisted this person with spiritual healing from time to time over the years, and she wanted to avail herself of my professional services again. (Have we been productive recently!) She seems to be a very accurate psychic person (and does professional readings) so I asked her (without giving much information) what the phenomena (which didn't reach me at her location) was about. Her crew/guides told her it was many prayers, and then she gasped when they said that a "congregation" has been praying for me. That explains the intensity! Yep, folks, when you pray, there are entitites who will attempt to give you what you ask for (whether you are a so-called Christian or not).

Most people aren't both sensitive and aware enough to recognize when they are being adversely impacted by the negative thoughts and prayers of others. For more information on the subject, I recommend one of the books of Larry Dossey, M.D.: Be Careful What You Pray For . . . You Just Might Get It (San Francisco: Harper, 1997), which I have in my storage unit. Info on all Dr. Dossey's books is available on his web site: dosseydossey.com

Here's the description given of the book I'm recommending to those who want more info on the subject: In this frank and challenging book, Dr. Dossey sets out to understand the "neglected shadow side" of prayer. Having established the benefits of prayer in Prayer is Good Medicine and Healing Words, Dossey flips the coin and asks "Can prayer harm?" The resulting inquiry takes us through the history of negative prayer. Dr. Dossey looks at the various forms that prayer's "shadow" can take, whether it be hexing, the death wish, the evil eye, or merely harboring a bad attitude. Assessing negative prayer from the perspective of evolutionary biology, Dossey considers how we can protect ourselves from the negative thoughts of others. By acknowledging the potential harm of each negative thought, it becomes possible to manifest the positive in its stead. Dr. Dossey's stirring discussion is at once a cautionary tale and a declaration of confidence in our ability to reshape our most private thoughts for the ultimate benefit of humanity.

I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am. I serve as an Instrument of the Divine in this world. Thank you for your support of my ministry.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator