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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


January 23, 2006

Was watching a Dr. Phil show on mental illness (probably a rerun) several weeks ago with someone (because of the subject--not that I watch much television otherwise). One of the people featured at length had been diagnosed with schizophrenia because she heard voices almost constantly in her head. Despite this, she managed to live a productive life. The person watching the show with me was concerned, and said: "I talk with my angels and guides. Am I schizophrenic?" I reminded her that the schizophrenic woman clearly stated several times that she heard voices, just like she heard Dr. Phil's voice (as opposed to thought forms). This relieved the questioner, who said, "I don't hear voices." But that got me to thinking--and I posted an inquiry to a couple of my Yahoo groups, seeking comments on the subject. Group members can be described as cosmic, spiritual, many clairovoyants, clairaudients, etc.

I remember years ago seeing a woman "talking to herself" animatedly as she walked down the street. Today, so many people wear earphones so they can talk on their cell phones hands free. Someone who'd been in a coma and awakened after ten years might assume there are now a lot of schizophrenic people walking around.

Then there are people with psychic gifts/abilities--some of whom have had or have television programs where they talk to spirits and give messages to people in the audience. I personally am acquainted with many people with psychic abilities, and have those gifts myself. That doesn't make us all schizophrenic/mentally ill. I was almost certain when I inquired of the Yahoo groups that there are people who have psychic gifts who don't recognize it and have been labeled by mental health professionals as schizophrenic.

I received some well-thought-out, insightful input from some members of the groups. Some shared their own methods of communicating with the "unseen ones," and some told the stories of others being persecuted for their psi abilities. I discovered that there ARE people who "hear voices" rather than thought forms who have the psi abilities and ARE NOT schizophrenic. Could that guest on the Dr. Phil show need to get off the medications (which don't seem to be helping a lot anyway) and learn to fine tune her psi abilities? It would seem so.

One group member wrote, "Part of the definition of schizophrenia in the dictionary says, 'illogical patterns of thinking, delusions, and hallucinations, and accompanied in varying degrees by other emotional, behavioral, or intellectual disturbances'." She continued: "This could easily apply to those with psi abilities. In my own instance, if others don't see or hear what I am seeing when I've had visions, then it could be said I was hallucinating. Were I to insist it was real other-worldly contact, many would consider that a delusion. Were I a person who had no knowledge or training, and didn't know what was happening to me, I would most likely become emotionally and intellectually disturbed as I'd think I was going nuts. I wouldn't be surprised to find that many who are diagnosed with mental illness are really experiencing manifestation of psi abilities...."

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