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Monday, March 20, 2006


March 20, 2006

I had some time to fill one day last week and went into a thrift/second hand store to look around. Normally, I don't buy used shoes, but I found casual shoes in my preferred style in excellent condition (almost new) at a very low price. They seemed unusually heavy, but I purchased them anyway, because I thought perhaps they'd strengthen leg muscles.

Had no major adverse effects from wearing the shoes until I accompanied a supporter on a shopping expedition and was on my feet for two or three hours when wearing them. I began to feel so unlike myself and heavy spirited with less light. Finally, I quietly called on Archangel Michael to help me. At our last stop, as I was walking down an aisle alone, I noticed an object had fallen from a display and was on the floor across the aisle. As is my habit in such instances, I bent over to pick it up and replace it, wondering what it was. I turned it over, and it was a metal angel on a metal stem that one can place in a garden or yard. A message from the Divine! Ha! I laughed aloud at that! The negativity had begun to lift a few minutes earlier, and I felt better before the shopping trip ended--EXCEPT for the feet and legs. That evening, out of the "new" shoes, I could barely walk and was in much pain in the legs and feet, a nerve thing, it seemed. I still did not feel as my "normal" self. Of course, I did some energy clearing for myself that night (but without full results).

Wore the shoes some in the home the next day, but before I drove away from that supporter's home, after getting to my car, I changed from the "new" shoes to different shoes. Immediate change! The yucky energy totally lifted, and I felt like myself again immediately. (The leg discomfort wasn't relieved until hours later.) Before putting the shoes in a bag for charity, I did a clearing process on them, which I hope will make a difference so somebody can make use of them.

I am aware that I'm much more sensitive to energies and vibration than most people, but perhaps there are those reading this who may need to pay attention when their energies or mood changes. A good thing to do is to ask one's Superconscious/High Self: "Is this my energy or someone else's energy?" An affirmation might be: "I AM...releasing what is not mine to carry or to heal...NOW." Another affirmation: "I AM...isolating and eliminating the unwanted energies of others from my body-unit unit now."

Appreciating those who support my mission, I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator