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Monday, April 24, 2006


April 24, 2006

Yesterday I was a toddler boy magnet (ages 2-3). Ate in a fast food restaurant and then spent some time there doing paperwork. When a family of three sat down nearby, a look of recognition came over and brightened the boy's face when he saw me, and he wanted to talk/interact, which we did several times. What a sweet soul! Then, when I was sitting in the park later, another boy left his family to walk over for a visit, until his dad (who had been speaking in a very controlling way to the children for some time) ordered him to return. I wondered about the boys, and was given "starseeds."

Would you believe that then a third boy left his group at the park and sat down about 5' from me with a look on his face and body language of contemplation? (No one else was anywhere near us.) His mother had some difficulty getting him to leave, but to her credit, she was loving about it.

Young children are wonderful to experience--especially when they've been given lots of love and respect, etc. and haven't been damaged by abusive, controlling parents.

Just being Angel-Light, I Am. Thank you for your donations in support of my angelic mission.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator