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Friday, July 14, 2006


July 14, 2006

I receive the e-mail newsletter (ezine) and blogs of Mark David Gerson, a wonderful being whom I identify with and admire very much. Go to www.markdavidgerson.com and explore what he has to offer. Recently, while driving, MDG wondered why he is still "on the road" and keeps traveling the same roads around the country over and over again and wrote it in the form of a question. Divine Spirit responded, in writing, as it often does for many of us: "You are not only laying, clearing, reactivating and aligning earth grids in your travels. You are, more importantly at this time, also dropping light codes into the framework of the major roads you drive, providing activations and initiations to all who travel upon them. Why the same roads? You have a particular territory, and each time you pass along the same road, you are upping the frequency of the installed codes. In so doing, you are touching many thousands of people each day. Many commuters, taxi drivers, and truckers are doing the same Johnny Appleseed-type work, whether they realize it or not."

I laughed aloud when I read this one day this week, because earlier in the day I had been driving over and over the same streets in a Dallas suburb I'm very familiar with--missing turns, not driving where I meant to drive, to where I meant to go, ending up in different places. I was not frustrated, because I knew what was going on. This happens to me from time to time. I just "go along for the ride," so to speak. MDG travels the United States. I mostly drive the roads of North Central Texas, going where I'm guided, sometimes changing plans and driving in a different direction while in the process of driving somewhere else. Sometimes I'm blessed with knowing the results of my "grid work." More often, I'm only aware that I'm "on mission" and where I'm needed, although I might not know the details.

I Am Angel-Light, an Instrument of the Divine. Blessings upon all who support my presence in this world.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator