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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


August 8, 2006

I continue to research, inquire, investigate, et. the nature of the soul and humanity. I still firmly believe the human body-mind unit is a complete entity in and of itself with a mind. Many people of scientific bent claim that's all there is--no reinacarnation, no afterlife, etc. Many adherents of the world's foremost religions disagree, in ways readers are surely already familiar with. A lot of the information some groups and individuals have been posting on the Internet this century (and before) is too big a stretch for most people. However, if one is familiar with "creation stories" around the world, including the two creation stories in the book of Genesis, one finds that the info seems to fit. (Cain slew Abel, his brother, and went to another land to take a wife. If Adam and Eve were the first humans, as alleged, who were the people of Cain's wife? We pretty much know the answer to that question! That's what is called a no-brainer.)

Based on my reading, research, etc., I don't want to count so-called "organic portals" as "unsouled humans," for it seems they have souls. I think that all souled humans can be used as instruments of "outside forces" to some degree, and certainly these aren't all of "the dark side." Also, I have found many souled humans who recognize they are instruments much of the time, including myself, and we have souls (and we're certainly not of evil intent). I tried to get us to fit into the "organic portals" category, but couldn't do it.

And then we come to the so-called "robotic humans"--a/k/a "reanimated humans." I prefer the latter term. They are not 50% of humanity, as some claim, but I agree that they are probably instruments 100% of the time. They have to be, because they are not souled. I have found some reanimated humans who were definitely mean and evil. But I've also found some who are bright love lights and doing so much to benefit humanity. It would seem the character of most reanimated humans falls somewhere in between those two extremes.

And that brings up a question: Are any of these "robotic humans" souled humans who have been "driven out"? I was informed that is sometimes the case, but not in all cases. In some cases, the composite soul is refurbished/reconstituted/remixed, and sent back to the human body-mind unit--sometimes given several Ph.D.'s worth of information/enlightenment before so doing, and these serve as instruments of the "gods" 100% of the time. There is a term for these kinds of soul, but it escapes me at the moment.

Any thoughts?

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator