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Friday, September 29, 2006


September 29, 2006

I looked at the "new non-fiction books" at my #1 library the other day and decided I would have to tease the librarians that they needed to buy some more new books because I couldn't find anything more there to read. Just when I was about to give up, I found Joseph Dispenza's God On Your Own: Finding A Spiritual Path Outside Religion (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2006). I found Dispenza's story and perspectives interesting, and food for thought. He entered a "silent monastery" right out of high school and stayed there eight years, having all his needs provided, including higher education. When he moved on, it was to teach at the university level. He is currently one of the leaders of Lifepath Retreats, most or all of which are at San Miguel De Allende, Mexico (www.lifepathretreats.com and www.joseph dispenza.com).

I want to share some inspiring, yet challenging words from Chapter 11: "Service. Reading the word, you may wonder how something called service would unfold in your life, busy as it is, devoted as it is to your own pressing pursuits. . . . It [spiritual service] may require only a shift in how you view your life and its place in the world. . . . It's through service to others that you find why you are here on this particular planet in this particular body at this particular time. A spiritual path that does not connect to the idea of service is not a spiritual path at all. . . . It [spiritual service] is more like an attitude: You continue doing what you are doing and lift it to the spiritual level by making the intention to do all that you do in the service of others. . . . "What can I contribute to the world?" . . . Wherever your spiritual path is taking you, it must end in fullfillment of your highest potential through service to others."

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