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Monday, October 09, 2006


October 9, 2006

When I first read a description of the term "Mission Life Entities" (1990s), I recognized myself and asked and received confirmation [from Divine Spirit]. I had awakened in the 1980s knowing I was most definitely "on mission" as An Agent of the Light Force of Archangel Michael.

Here's what Francine, Sylvia Browne's "best unseen friend" and guide has to say about Mission Life Entities in Chapter 10 of the book, God, Creation and Tools for Life: "At your beginning, some of you decided to become Mission Life Entities, taking on missions for God that can span multiple lives. They will take you through nine other planetary systems, living one life on each, then on the tenth system, you might have to spend 30, 40, or more lives, then fight the battle against darkness in the end. The reason some entities choose to do this is to help other people and attain the Light of Gnosis, the light of sacred truth. Most of you, because you are worn out and tired, say that you will not come back to this planet again, and you will not!" [I, Angel-Light, am of the frame of mind to never say "never."]

In one of Sylvia's earlier books, Life on the Other Side: A Psychic's Tour of the Afterlife, there is much more info (and some nice words) about Mission Life Entities: "One of the most advanced, not most important [emphasis added], purposes we can sign up for is that of the Mission Life Entity. Mission Life Entities have essentially said to God, 'Wherever on this earth you need me, I'll willingly go.' [I, Angel-Light, don't know about that! Ha!] They will sacrifice physical and emotional comfort and set aside any fear of the unfamiliar for the mission they've signed on for--not to convert or preach any specific religion or dogma, but to gently, compassionately rescue, reconnect, affirm, ignite, and celebrate the spirit of the Divine in every child of God they encounter. True Mission Life Entities respect differences in belief systems. They're kind, unprejudiced, and never, ever superior. They don't frighten with threats of hell and eternal damnation, they don't intimidate, they don't claim to have an inside track to God that's not available to everyone else, they don't isolate or estrange anyone from loved ones or from the world in general, and they never lose sight of the fact that it is God, not them, who is the Real Answer. Mission Life Entities can be found pursuing any and every occupation. They fulfill their purpose through their innate generosity, openness, empathy, and most of all, their willingness to actively elevate the spiritual well-being of humanity without making annoying pests of themselves. It's not an especially enviable challenge, and it's certainly not for everyone. For one thing, Mission Life Entities have to work their way up through the ranks, doing the reincarnation version of everything from stuffing envelopes to scrubbing the latrines, so that in the long run there's no level of life on earth that they can't relate to. For another thing, because they are such advanced spirits, they tend to write very difficult charts for themselves and choose extremely demanding themes and option lines, which we'll cover extensively in a later chapter. The path to achieving their purpose isn't just as full of obstacles as everyone else's, it's typically even more so. Understandably, a whole lot of people simply aren't interested in signing on for the sacrifices, turmoil, and disappointment the Mission Life Entity faces in exchange for occasional profound satisfaction. That doesn't mean they're lazy, or less committed to God. If only means that they choose to express their commitment to God in some other way. We all honor God best by devoting our finest talents and passions to Him, since He bestowed us with those talents and passions to begin with. And by making this world a more positive spiritual place, that is exactly what Mission Life Entities do--nothing more, nothing less."

Sylvia Browne has authored quite a few books. She presents her truth/reality as accurately as possible. I admire this woman for having the courage to admit in one of her later books that new info she'd received on a subject indicated some info she'd published in an earlier book was wrong or inaccurate. Sylvia's latest book, published in about 2006 by Hay House is Exploring the Levels of Creation. If you've never read any of Sylvia's books before, I recommend beginning with the first and moving forward. Who knows? May be you'll awaken to find you're a Mission Life Entity, too!

Enjoy, in joy, joyfully! I Am Angel-Light (and an imperfect Mission Life Entity). I am supported by donations of persons who appreciate my presence and service in this dimension.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator