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Sunday, November 12, 2006


November 12, 2006

A couple of things I've read recently led me to think about the percentages of light and dark energy in people. I read somewhere that a 70% to 30% ratio of light to dark is average/normal among humans. It came to me that one's darkness is mainly unforgiveness, but also anger, resentment, grief, etc. One's light percentage would indicate traumas and hurts healed and forgiveness (probably of the life of the soul, not just the current life or lives in this time-space).

I inquired (in five-point categories) of about forty people--a few nationally known, others family, friends, acquaintances, etc. Interesting results. I've written before of Ken Page (www.kenpage.com), author and founder of Multidimensional Cellular Healing and Heart & Soul Healing. Ken is currently 100% light. A person in one of my Yahoo groups who manages to share some of her/his profoundness despite continuing struggles and difficulties I found with a 50-50 ratio. I was surprised in my "reading" of a couple who had been married around 35 years. I knew him (a working alcoholic) to have a lot of darkness because he could hardly stand to be around me or look at me, but to find she had the same degree was so unexpected that I checked it twice. They're both 50-50. I found a thirteen-year old boy, a seven-year-old boy, and a nineteen-year-old young man to be 100% light. These children have had much love and stability. On the other hand, I found four young children who had been removed from their parents' custody at least once and sometimes twice by Child Protective Services (the youngest at about two weeks of age) to have some issues. Eventually, the consensus among some CPS associates and volunteers was that there was not child abuse but cultural differences from the largely upper middle class suburb of a major city where they live. Ratios are (from oldest to youngest): 50-50, 70-30, 55-45, and 75-25. The oldest mostly lived with family apart from his single mother during early years. The assumption would be that the more unsettled and traumatic the formative years, the higher the amount of dark energy to transmute into light through various means. If 70-30 is alleged to be normal/average, my informal "readings" of approximately forty people seem to confirm it.

There are many ways and several steps to transmuting one's darkness. I have a procedure I share in document form about forgiving and loving one's self (at all levels) that is incredible. The next step would be to forgive all others. Over the years, I've pretty much covered the "others," but I'm still working on loving the self. Ha! There are other processes I share. When I found that my ratio was 80% light to 20% darkness, I spoke these words: "In the name of the Christ, and under the law of Grace, I decree I AM transmuting my darkness into light NOW." A moment or two later, I was at 95% light to 5% dark. Bear in mind that a strong spiritual connection, a lot of self work, and a high degree of spiritual awareness got me to where I'm able to speak words and get some results (although not always 100%). Why not speak the words for yourself and allow yourself to sense subtle shifts in your energy?

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