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Thursday, November 02, 2006


November 2, 2006

I'm a member of some Yahoo groups for walk-ins of various types. Other servers have similar groups, and it seems as if thousands of us are aware of our other-worldly origination and many others suspect same. Of course, some people would label us all "loonies" or "possessed by demons" (and do so). So many of us have revealed our realities to others and found kindred spirits via the Internet, and it seems that interacting with one another brings comfort and gives strength during difficult times--even if we all don't agree on everything.

From time to time, I post one of my blogs to my Yahoo groups to stimulate discussion. My recent blog "Oneness" and subsequent comments on unsouled humans generated lots of comments (group postings and private e-mails), some agreeing, some disagreeing, some in between. I've found myself wondering how any one who professes to be a walk-in, ET incarnate, etc. can identify with humanity at large.

I wrote some questions in my journal: Do some walk-ins identify too much with humanity? Some not enough? (And I would place myself in the latter group.) Are all souled humans walk-ins (either in utero or after birth)? If we are of higher, more advanced consciousness with a higher purpose/on mission (as alleged in various published materials, including that of Ruth Montgomery beginning many years ago), are we deviating from our missions by overly identifying with humanity (some souled, some unsouled), thus hindering our work? Would it not be important to remember who we are at all times (if we've awakened to that) and operate from the true identity rather than get overly immersed and entangled in living human in this world?

One problem may be the differences in types of so-called walk-ins. Perhaps we use the term "walk-in" too loosely. Many times what is identified as a walk-in scenario may be aspects of the same soul shifting in and out or various souls of the same group rotating in and out. Sometimes there is a combination of these. Because of the differences of opinion on the subject, I don't sense there will ever be a widespread acceptance of a strict definition of the term "walk-in." And in my opinion, it isn't even necessary.

I Am Angel-Light--awakened on mission in the 1980s. I am supported by persons who appreciate my presence and service in this dimension.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator