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Friday, December 15, 2006


December 15, 2006

Recently in one of my Yahoo groups, someone recommended the writings and web site of John Hornecker, a Lightworker Walk-in. I had seen some of his writings here and there, but never gone to his site and read at length until this week. I really resonate with this man's thoughts and information. I'm given some of the information is more accurate than other of the information, but the same applies for my writings and that of many other cosmic beings living in this world.

When reading the "Early Retirement" part of "Soul Consolidations and Transfers," I was moved to tears. Here's an excerpt: ". . . Before we [Lightworker Walk-ins] came into incarnation for this final lifetime, we were thoroughly briefed on the overall transformation plan for Earth, and each of us clearly understood our individual assignments within the context of this overall mission. Although the details of the mission plan were not directly available to our human consciousness, we retained this knowledge within our oversoul. . . ., there were numerous other setbacks and delays in the mission. Although most of the Light Workers did not consciously understand the exact reasons for their restlessness, there was a general sense that there was much more important work that we had committed to do in the lifetime, yet the circumstances did not seem to enable clarity, or provide support for this work. A significant part of the frustration focused on economic issues. On this planet, the artificial economic system has been perpetrated by the Dark energies as a means of keeping humanity in bondage. Since most of the Light Workers have been less willing to play along with this game, most have found themselves in a continuing state of economic tension. Part of the difficulty is that the economic system is still aligned with the old ways. So there has been very little economic support for the Light Workers as they have endeavored to introduce new ways."

This morning, baffled and wondering, I wrote in my journal words on the same subject I've written many times before: "Here I sit, reading the newspaper at the beginning of another day, amazed that I'm still living in this world, not really knowing how to manage where I don't fit in. Comfort comes from reading the words of others who feel out of place, especially those who are awakened to their missions." When reading about "Early Retirement," I received "You're staying!" So here I am, keeping on keeping on, doing something right or I would have been "retired" already. Somehow there has been just enough "economic support" for me to live as I seek to stay "on mission," but to say it has been difficult would be an understatement. At this moment, I am eternally grateful to some wonderful people for their above-and-beyond support.

I highly recommend John Hornecker's web site, which has much of interest for people other than Lightworkers and Walk-ins. It's www.earthscape.net

I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am.

Angel-Light Love
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