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Sunday, January 07, 2007


January 7, 2007

Just finished a book (a friend's) that I've already found quite useful and have put at the very top of my "book wish list": Reliance On The Light: Psychic Protection With The Lords Of Karma And The Goddess by Diane Stein (CA: The Crossing Press, 2001). The contact information for the publisher is www.crossingpress.com and The Crossing Press, Inc., P. O. Box 1048, Freedom, California 95019.

According to Vicki Noble (author and co-creator of MotherPeace): ". . ., Diane Stein presents a daring and outrageous paradigm in this book, that much of the unhappiness, disease, and failure of otherwise conscientious people may result directly from the negative interference of beings and forces here on earth and even off-planet. She provides step-by-step directions for overcoming this unfortunate state of affairs through . . . methods directed at invoking helping forces, cutting cords, and freeing ourselves and others from this ancient planetary colonization."

The book has an Introduction and Conclusion and nine chapters, which are: Meditation, Visualization, And The Lords of Karma; You Are Goddess; Protecting Your Home; Daily Protection; Energy Clearing; Karmic Clearing; Deliberate Interference; Other Planet Karma; The Source Of All Evil. Don't be misled by the word "karma." The Lords of Karma are involved with healing lives on this planet. The Divine Director is the entity involved with healing lives lived in other worlds. In the Introduction, the author gives the purpose of this book as "to help you understand negative interference, what it is and how it operates, and to remove it from your energy, your mind grid." She also states: "There are various types of negative interference and evil, and the purpose of this book is to teach the methods that prevent and end them." The author defines evil thusly: "Evil is conscious harm committed to interfere with or prevent free will and love" and "Evil is harm done by conscious intent for the purpose of preventing light and love from manifesting on earth or in a person." She also says: "Negative interference is violation of another's positive or harmless free will. It can come out of ignorance or negative emotion. If it comes out of direct intent to do harm, it is evil. Evil is the absence of love and is the conscious intent to do harm, or to prevent the manifestation of free will, light, or love."

All I know is that just doing the comprehensive light clearing process while in bed felt wonderful and made a big difference. And you know, it's not like I haven't been clearing myself and helping others do the same for 15+ years! If you purchase this book and only use that one process, it will be more than worth the money spent. I recommend you go for it!

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