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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


February 21, 2007

Sometimes I read things in the newspaper and I recognize what the problem is--like today. A male in his early 20s wrote in to an advice columnist that he had never had desires for man and had always been attracted to women. However, he had a dream recently of "being" with a man, and since then his "desires" have diminished greatly. My first thought was "Get thee to a spirit releasement therapist!"

There are four categories covering the subject. Spirit Attachment is when one or more spirits hang out with a person loosely. Spirit Oppression is when one or more spirits invade a person's energy, which has a mild effect. Spirit Obsession is when one or more spirits enter the body-mind unit and influence the individual illegally. Spirit Possession is when one or more spirits take over the body-mind unit and displace the personality illegaly (as opposed to when a person wants to die and consciously gives up the body-mind unit to a highly evolved spirit who will use it to assist humanity--these people being called walk-ins).

Once an educated woman who grew up in another country, married an American, and had two sons came to me for assistance. She had lost desire for her husband (even more than that), and it was a problem. I always check out people for attached spirits before getting into discovering the spiritual reasons for a problem. Truth be told, so many times releasing the spirits eliminates the problem. And so it was with this woman! (I'm leaving out a lot of the details.)

My next thought about the man who wrote into the advice therapist was that the problem could be because an aspect of his core soul group (usually twelve under an oversoul) was present and expressing his/her own desires. But that's the subject of another blog. This one is long enough!

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