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Sunday, February 25, 2007


February 25, 2007

Recently, while waiting for my time with an oral surgery intern, I entreated the Divine for assistance in the form of influencing the doctor to pull three teeth in a row. My body came with weak teeth, including some baby teeth that had never come out. This congenital condition originated in the British Isles about twelve generations ago in the paternal grandfather's lineage.

After asking for influence there in a waiting area, I had a visitation. A being of very high vibration "stepped down" in order to infuse me with light energy and communicate. I received words of appreciation for my willingness to serve and input about my life. With the new energy, I felt like lifting off the floor and flying and dancing down the hall. I managed to restrain the human body-mind unit, but I actually did dance and fly apart from the body. I had to center and settle before going to the surgeon's chair, which I did by breathing deeply and saying silently to myself "center" and "balance," dividing the words into syllables--one syllable on the inhale and one syllable on the exhale. And guess what? All progressed smoothly, and the three teeth were removed!

Being grateful, I Am Angel-Light. I am supported by donations of persons who appreciate my service to them, to others, and to the world in general.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator