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Friday, March 02, 2007


March 2, 2007

I've been watching more television recently while housesitting and caring for pets--four dogs, three cats, a bird, and a ferret (who has the run of the house during waking hours). Got a big rush/thrill when a commercial showed a woman going upstairs through the air with swimming motions, feet not anywhere the stair steps, while a crowd of other people walked down the stairs. The words "I can do that" came out of my mouth. I felt the wonderful sensations of moving freely through air/space because I do it sometimes when out of my body. However, I have almost had the physical body lift off the floor and had to hold onto furniture or grab walls to keep my balance--not that it happens often.

I am also aware of not eating in another life, but living on air instead. There are healthy people doing just that currently! It's called breatharianism. Not for me! This lifetime I enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, including eating.

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Angel-Light Love
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