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Saturday, March 03, 2007


March 3, 2007

About early 1992, I was persuaded to go with a friend to a weekend retreat for women at the Chapel of Light at Lake Whitney in Central Texas. The Chapel complex included the original circular chapel and a newer, larger facility that served as a place for church services, workshops, etc. This building had a fully equipped kitchen area at one end of a large room. At the other end there was a beautiful lighted fountain with large crystal clusters on various heights of pedestals. Three rows of several chairs faced the fountain. It was intended as an area of contemplation--or at least that seemed to be how it was utilized. The front of the church area was on one side of the large room. Chairs were arranged in rows for church services and sometimes placed in circles for other purposes.

There were approximately thirty of us who had registered for the women's retreat, and we were assigned to sleep the two nights in homes of the locals. I absolutely knew I was to spend the night in the church building instead. After some discussion, I was allowed to do so.

The chairs were in place in front of the fountain, but no chairs were out in the other area. I placed my sleeping bag on the floor against the opposite wall from the church service area and sat down on a front row chair in front of the fountain to observe its loveliness, its magnificence, and to meditate. I sensed movement and an energy shift, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a person in a long white garment sit down in a chair on the back row and noticed others coming into the room. I continued with my routine, singing and chanting as I walked around the room, part of my nightly ritual.

After going to my sleeping bag, I looked out across the room and noticed people dressed the same, in those long, white garments, gathering, beginning to sit in a large circle of chairs. I continued with my nightly routine while sitting against the wall, speaking words aloud. And then one of the participants nearest me turned around in his chair, looked me in the eyes, and communicated (impatiently, I might add): "Are you finished? We are about ready to begin."

I knew the next day that I could spend the second night in the home to which I'd been assigned. I also realized that the reason I had to spend the first night inside the facility was so I could tell the founder and her associates that the Chapel of Light was a holy place at more than one level of existence, and I did so. Just one example of my conscious glimpses into parallel worlds.

Before the weekend was over, I took a walk down the road toward the lake to look for one of the heart-shaped stones which I had been told were common at that location. When I looked down the first time, my eyes fell upon a heart-shaped rock, which I added to my collection of stones and crystals, which rest in my storage unit until such time as I'm able to have them with me again.

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