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Thursday, March 01, 2007


March 1, 2007

Does the body die? Of course--except for some experiencing transfiguration. But do souls die when the body dies? No! It would take a book to describe life after the body's death (and I know several authors who have reported their own particular philosophies/realities concerning the subject).

This dense, three-dimensional existence is not the center of the universe, so to speak, not the ultimate existence. Indeed, most of us are reluctant to leave home and incarnate into these forms, which we created "in the image and likeness" of our own. And perfection our creation is not. Mercifully, for most of us, memories of home are initially unavailable.

And on the subject of home, we don't all share the same home, same point of origination. It is important to remember that there are different types of souls, just as their are differences in the human body-mind units that we created for our use. Although some souls are created for this planetary sphere, other souls divide and extend themselves into this existence. Still others downstep and jump in and go for it. It follows that after a body dies, all souls do not go to the same place to continue their lives. Many go to a transitional level for some rest and recuperation and life review. Others bypass that step.

This brings us to the subject of "channeling." Is it possible for humans to allow souls who are not living in third dimension to speak/communicate through their bodies? It is not only possible; it happens. Human body-mind units can be instruments for people living in other realms to speak and teach through. However, many of us who once said we channeled have recognized that we are actually communicating from a higher frequency of our Multidimensional Soul Self (MSS) and have ceased using the word "channeling" because the consciousness unit who wants to share information is actually a part of us--not some outside entity. We ask you to consider that some of the consciousness units who speak through well-known channels are not separate entities from the person they are speaking through and are actually reflecting the high level of evolution and wisdom of the soul.

It is also true that some outside entities are deceivers and claiming to be someone they are not (received "definitely" as I typed this)--in order to "speak through" through human body-mind units--for any number of reasons--sometimes for their own amusement, but other times with more insidious goals in mind. If their intentions are honorable and they have useful information or can be of assistance, more the better. If not, it would be better to deny such as these access.

Although I don't agree 100% with the philosophy/reality of Susan Shumsky, one of her books, Divine Revelation, is at the top of the Recommended Reading List I give to seekers who find their way to me. Susan emphasizes the importance of discernment and how to do so in this book and in the Yahoo group she owns, also called Divine Revelation. I highly recommend it!

It is important to remember that there are different types of souls--just as there are differences of third-dimensional bodies.

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