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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


April 17, 2007

Most people don't realize that other people can consciously and intentionally project extensions of themselves into their minds, their energy fields, and even their bodies. People can also do this without conscious intent. An example of the latter would be a parent with an adult child away at war or college. If the parent thinks about the son or daughter a lot, or even longs to be with the child, the child, if sufficiently sensitive and aware, may "hear" parts of conversations of the parent or, in extreme cases, feel the presence of the parent or develop physical symptoms of the parent. Romantic obsession is another example of how this can happen.

If only I'd known what I know now ten years ago! There have been mainly three people who have persistently placed extensions with me this century--all of whom have big, round bellies. So, when I sense a certain fullness in the belly, I know some clearing is in order. I can also recognize who is present and/or tapping into me by "overhearing" their conversations with other people and also their words to me.

On the other hand, some people who come to me announce themselves. Years ago, when going through a multi-dimensional, multi-level clearing process with an out-of-state healer, I would receive his name at the beginning of each visit. People have reported "hearing" my name over the years when I've been assisting with their healing/clearing.

In recent weeks, when receiving the name "Paul," I assumed it was a man from my past (also a healer) who was just checking up on me. Wrong! Had an "aha" yesterday when I opened an e-mail from another man by that name. I have received several caustic, critical comments from this man--in a Yahoo group we were both members of and in the Yahoo group he owns. To be fair, he seems to communicate this way with other people as well. As an aware, sensitive individual, I have to be careful of the energies I expose myself to. Words carry energies.

Anyway, when e-mailing "Paul" a few days ago, I "heard" the words B _ _ _ S _ _ _ several times. I was very uncomfortable and wondered who it was. In that e-mail, I was asking "Paul" to be a little more gentle with me because I really wanted to be a part of his Yahoo group (good info posted)--although I confess I didn't have much hope for that and decided I'd probably have to remove myself if he didn't do it first. Later that day, when parking the car, I "came to myself" and found my foot heavily on the accelerator instead of the brake and it heading for a curb and the street. I took control, and the squeal of the brakes as I stopped the car just in time was probably heard half a mile away. It was that extreme of a situation! Then I "heard" "good job" and felt an energy withdrawing. I knew immediately that someone had managed to take control in an effort to harm me. I was aware of that happening to other people in an effort to cause them or someone else harm (and many times succeeding), but don't believe I ever experienced it personally--until now.

Yesterday, there was an e-mail in my box from "Paul" and because he used the words B _ _ _ S _ _ _ and the energy I felt, I put two and two together and got four. When I went to remove myself from his group membership, I found he had already done it. One does not need to expose one's self to such energies in order to be exposed to information in which one is interested. Doing so would be foolish, quite foolish indeed!

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Angel-Light Love
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