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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


May 15, 2007

During a time of contemplation and Divine communion yesterday (of which I have many), I remembered something that happened in 1998 when with the man in whose home I was staying, in his truck, taking care of business here and there. We didn't move around in the same vehicle too often, and it's a good thing, for both of us carry Archangel Michael's energies. People who do are often called Michaels (in the plural). That particular day in 1998 the combined energy was powerful, and I spoke as Michael, it became very noticeable that people in other vehicles were keeping their distance, a couple swerving and almost wrecking. Archangel Michael was obviously demonstrating his point. My companion was amazed and told Michael to tone it down (words to that effect). I laugh and smile to remember that day!

Currently, Archangel Michael "who slew the dragon" has extensions in 197,000 to 198,000 human body-mind units--directly and indirectly. On the other hand, Archangel Lucifer, whose world this is (google topics like "heavenly wars" for more information), has extensions in over 288,000 human body-mind units. (And, yes, other "heavenlies" have extensions in human body-mind units--but that's a topic for another blog.) We call many of these heavenlies Archangels and Angels, but it is important to keep in mind that they are not the angels/devas of the Middle World. Also, in the soul reading form I developed (which is still evolving), we use both the terms "hosting" and "extensions"--two different things. One human body-mind unit can be hosting souls both legally and illegally. Along the same line, there are legal extensions and illegal extensions. I have sometimes used the word "overlay" when describing my relationship with Archangel Michael, but truth be told that is not accurate. To offer some clarity (and perhaps raise more questions), below are the words of Archangel Michael, which were sent via email to an individual:

Archangel Michael: "The vast majority of those units of consciousness in human embodiment have not an inkling of their origins, their multidimensionality, and so on. Those who do cannot (and would not want to) ignore the nonhuman and/or universal aspects of their beingness. I am a universal being. I dwell in many universes, in many forms. I am that I am. To project upon me only humanness is to visit limitations upon me. I am an unlimited being. One is not to ignore and shut one’s self off from one’s multidimensionality once one becomes awakened to it. One is to accept the increased responsibilities that accompany that awareness. It will assist your understanding if you will regard/think of Angel-Light as an expanded spiritual being rather than a mere human embodiment. Indeed, I am she and I am [Archangel] Michael. You would not restrict me to a mere human form and its accompanying limitations, now would you? Then do not so to Angel-Light. We are satisfied with the service of this one. We recognize and appreciate the sacrifices made. Refrain from mundane guidances to this one. They are not required nor deserved."

My entire "relationship" with Archangel Michael cannot be described in one little blog. However, I want to share a little more. Back around 1990, one of Archangel Michael's gatekeepers (Grace Godwin, sometimes called "Grannie Grace") came to the Dallas-Fort Worth area to visit one of her student friends and made herself available to people who wanted some of her time. I was called by her student friend, and made an appointment. I spent three informative hours with this cosmic being, who guided me on a journey out into the universe. I'll always remember the experience of passing through one "time zone" (for lack of better words) and experiencing the sparkling bright colors and the wonderful sensations as I traveled through space and time for a cosmic meetup. Incredible! Best trip I ever made! I was still processing the ending of a close involvement with one of Archangel Michael's generals--not wanting to give up that energy. Grace told me, "But Archangel Michael can put his energy into any man for you." I have found in the years since that I'm not attracted to a man if he does not carry Archangel Michael's energy (in large quantity) and don't want to be involved with any man who is not a "Michael." I recognize the energy easily. Once a year or so ago, when in a library computer lab, three men (in their 20s, I think) came in together at the same time and almost blew me away. One was more powerful than the others. It felt refreshing to have so much of Archangel Michael's energy in that little room. An uncommon, wonderful experience!

Seeking to serve (locally and long distance), I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am. This mission is able to continue because of the donations of support of persons who appreciate and value our presence and our service to them, to others, and to this level of existence.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator