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Friday, June 01, 2007


June 1, 2007

This morning I completed a handwritten draft of a blog I intend to post today when I had an experience that illustrated a point made in that blog (which I’ll post after this one because I want it to be read first). In preparation to leave a truck stop, I put something in the trunk of my car. When I noticed some bright coral plastic fun shoes a supporter had sent me recently, I told myself that I wish I could find someone to give the shoes to (because they just aren’t something I’d wear).

Upon getting back in the car, I couldn’t believe my eyes. On the grass in front of my car, there was a woman holding weed flowers, walking carefully. As she passed, I determined that although she seemed dressed well enough she wasn’t wearing shoes and the soles of her feet were black with dirt and grime. I couldn’t believe it! I hurriedly jumped out of my car and caught up with her before she reached the highway. When I asked if I could do anything for her, she responded, “Well, I don’t have any shoes.” Yes, you read correctly. I’m not making this up, and I’m crying as I write. How blessed I’ve been this day!

You see, I experienced an angel incarnate—actually someone with all twelve aspects of her Multidimensional Soul Self (MSS) downloaded, plus the Archangel group consciousness. She was walking because she chose to walk. She had experienced hassles from police and others, and because she had things stolen, she gave everything but the clothes on her back away so there was nothing else for people to steal. Somewhere along the way she had lost her shoes (recently, I hope). I could sense that mental health professionals might label this nicely dressed woman (khaki pants, white knit shirt, and button shirt over that) schizophrenic. She is very sensitive to bright colors and certain sounds/noises, and some of her words wouldn’t totally make sense to the average person. I recognized her as a cosmic being and sincerely told her I was honored to meet her. Many people in mental health facilities are out of place, time, and sequence in this world. (I’ll refer you to the books and movies about K-Pax as an example.) She accepted a like-new backpack-tote (which she needed more than I did), two pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of socks, an extra-large t-shirt (for a larger person than me, which she is, that I had not yet given away), and two packages of snack crackers. She may actually give the items away (rather than have them stolen) before she gets to her home state (in which direction she is walking—by choice, she says), but that’s okay.

I found myself crying on the drive to where I hand wrote a draft of this blog and wondered why. I knew I was not crying for her. It was just such a profound experience on several levels. Yes, I’ve been very blessed this day!

Seeking to serve, I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am. This mission continues because of the donations of support of persons who value and appreciate the presence of the Angel-Light team, our service to them, and our services to others at this level of existence.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator