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Saturday, June 30, 2007


June 30, 2007

The previous blog included the 47 "life themes" presented by Sylvia Browne in her latest book. In that blog, I revealed that my primary theme (driving force) for this life is "Healer," and my secondary theme (what I'm here to learn and perfect) is "Spirituality." I did some research and found eleven other themes that are part of my present life, including "Rescuer," "Caretaker," and "Humanitarian." These are related to my primary theme, "Healer." I had no idea! Ha-ha! All who know me well recognize that I'm focused on helping others (often neglecting myself in the process). (An aside: E-mail me if you're curious about your own life themes.)

I wasn't surprised to find themes of "Poverty" and "Survival" on my plate for this life and wondered if I could have them deleted from my chart, erased from my programs, removed from my Master Plan (and asked for this to be accomplished). I've had more than enough of poverty, lack, insufficiency, and struggle this lifetime! I'm more than willing to revisit these themes in another life, but for now "enough is enough." I deserve a respite!

Many blessings upon all who have supported and are supporting my living and service in this world with donations of various types!

(P.S.: The morning after I drafted this blog I saw "forming a new Master Plan" in a brief news item at the very top of a page next to a page heading in the Dallas Morning News. Hmmmmmmmm!)

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator