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Friday, June 29, 2007


June 29, 2007

Finished Syliva Browne's latest book last night, Spiritual Connections: How To Find Spirituality Throughout All The Relationships In Your Life (CA: Hay House, 2007). Picked it up from the new books shelves of my main library earlier this week. I was still smiling over an hour after I finished reading and drafted this blog immediately. Now why wouldn't you want to read a book that might leave your heart smiling?

Maybe listing the contents will increase your interest. Part I: Whom Are We Connecting With? Chapter 1: Those We Encounter From Day To Day. Chapter 2: People At School And On The Job. Chapter 3: Family Members. Chapter 4: Romantic Partners. Chapter 5: Other Loved Ones--On Earth And On The Other Side. Chapter 6: Ourselves. Chapter 7: God. Part II: How Do Our Life Themes Factor In? Chapter 8: A Brief Overview Of The 47 Themes. Chapter 9: Relationship Challenges. Chapter 10: A Good Match. Chapter 11: Happily Ever After.

Sylvia (and team) list 47 life themes of humanity: Activator, Aesthetic Pursuits, Analyzer, Banner Carrier, Builder, Caretaker, Catalyst, Cause Fighter, Controller, Emotionality, Experiencer, Fallibility, Follower, Harmony, Healer, Humanitarian, Infallibility, Intellectuality, Irritant, Justice, Lawfulness, Leader, Loner, Loser, Manipulator, Passivity, Patience, Pawn, Peacemaker, Perfectionist, Performance, Persecution, Persecutor, Poverty, Psychic, Rejection, Rescuer, Responsibility, Spirituality, Survival, Temperance, Tolerance, Victim, Victimizer, Warrior, Wealth, Winner. Don't assume meanings to each theme. Get the book and read the Sylvia's descriptions. One's primary theme is the driving force in one's life. One's secondary theme is what one is here to learn from and perfect. I discovered that one can have some other themes that are impacting the present life as well. Believe it or not, the psychic theme is not Sylvia's primary or secondary theme.

My primary theme for this life (driving force) is "Healer," which Sylvia describes thusly: "Healers are naturally drawn to some aspect of the helping professions, be it physical or mental. The good they do is obvious, and the only danger is that they can easily become too empathetic. It's imperative that those born with a healer theme pace themselves so that they avoid burnout." She adds more later in the book: "Like so many of the 'people' themes, healers have to take great care that they don't assimilate the illness they're trying to cure. It's very important for these individuals to protect themselves. . . . Most people in the medical or especially holistic areas of endeavor have this theme. . . . Healers should never use their own energy, but just be a tube for God's energy to come through. . . ." My secondary theme (what I'm here to learn from and perfect) is "Spirituality." Sylvia says, "When the full potential of this theme has been reached, these souls become farsighted, compassionate, and magnanimous. . . ." I'm given that I'm at about 80% of the full potential at this time. Still some work to be done!

Seeking to serve (locally and long distance), I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am. This mission is able to continue because of the donations of support of persons who appreciate and value the presence of the Angel-Light team and our service to them and to others at this level of existence.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator