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Monday, July 30, 2007


July 30, 2007

I titled this blog "Body Dies, Soul Exits" because the human soul being hosted by a human body-mind unit continues to exist (as do the non-human souls being hosted). As I have written in previous blogs, no person is 100% human, and most are 50% or less. Some few have no human soul at all, for various reasons, and those human body-mind units are only hosting other types of souls.

For some time (weeks/months), the name "Claudia" popped into my mind many times. I asked and was given that it wasn't about someone I knew years ago by that name, nor that another person by that name was coming into my life. I assumed someone by that name was transitioning, but no one well known came to mind. And then Lady Bird Johnson, widow of President Lyndon Baines Johnson, made her transition. Her given name? Claudia! A nanny named her Lady Bird in infancy, and that's the name everyone knew her by and called her by--not Claudia. I haven't been given the name Claudia since Lady Bird Johnson, who was responsible for the blankets of wildflowers along the highways around Texas (among other things), transitioned. This lady was admired, respected, even loved by Texans rich and poor and in between. It seemed to me that she received more newspaper space in the Dallas area, including photos, than anyone since John F. Kennedy. And from what I read, she deserved it!

Yes, this was not the first time I've been given names of well-known people whose transition is imminent over several weeks time and won't be the last. Mother Teresa is one who comes to mind. Currently receiving two names, and I'm fairly certain who they are--despite only having first names.

So how does one become selected to receive such information as this? Why? I can think of several reasons, but to discuss them would make this blog far too long. However, we would be remiss not to remind ones to go within to "the Kingdom of God," the silence, often. This is where one links with/attunes to the Divine. And past life evolvement definitely does carry over into the present life of the soul, and so on, for the soul lives on.

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