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Friday, August 31, 2007


August 31, 2007

One of the recommended sites listed on my blog is http://zanymystic.blogspot.com. Just discovered Zany Mystic hosts a weekly radio talk show on BBC and has a Yahoo group, "Exploring Cosmic Consciousness." The group's focus is inner work and transformation. I really resonate with that, so I've applied for group membership. I've heard that Zany Mystic's thought-provoking writings have aroused controversial discussion among individuals who find his reality challenging. This is as it should be! We all owe a great deal to persons such as Zany Mystic who are willing to "step out on a limb" in such a way.

For several months now, I've had a print of Zany Mystic's blog, "Living in the Question" at hand with the intention of writing a blog around it. Finally getting around to it! The themes of "Living in the Question" are free will, life plans, and attracting/creating. Those who are regular readers of my blog know that I'm not a "black and white" and "either-or" type of person, and that I take issue (at least to some degree) with the philosophy of living espoused in The Secret, and also with the "law of attraction." Human souls come in with a life plan in place and, Zany Mystic wrote, "We have free choice within the confines of the choices made in full consciousness on the 'other side' prior to incarnation. From the perspective of the soul and and higher self, most 'possible outcomes' have already been determined." We just get to fill in the gaps/blanks.

Sylvia Browne made some relevant comments in her book, Psychic Children, which I read several weeks ago: ". . . and the more difficult the chart [life plan], the more advanced the spirit who wrote it. Please, please never look at another . . . and think God is punishing them, or that it's a sign of bad karma from past lives catching up with them. Remember that they had the courage and exceptional spiritual insights to choose those challenges themselves, for some great purpose in this life, . . ." Many other respected people have taught ideas and realities incongruent/incompatible with the "law of attraction" over the centuries, so why do a great many mainstream individuals currently consider it an immutable law? It's not "black and white," people!

I would like to add more comments of Zany Mystic on the subject: "It only appears to us, being veiled and living in duality in linear concepts of time, that we are 'choosing.' In reality, we are choosing what we already chose." "Our level of vibration, controlled by the heart chakra, attracts the highest experiences to us. And those experiences, for the most part, are emotional in nature--not financial or material. I've yet to see how ownership of a Rolls Royce makes anyone a better person. Just ask Rajeesh!"

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