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Friday, September 21, 2007


September 21, 2007

I parked the Lightmobile to spend the night at a travel center/truck stop last night, only to find that there was a terribly strong chemical odor. I thought perhaps the light breeze would blow it on soon, so I remained there, allowing my body to be poisoned, until I could stand it no longer. I moved to the parking lot on the other side of the facility, where there was no such odor, and laid me down to sleep. I was vaguely aware at some point of a noisey vehicle pulling into the parking spot on the driver's side of the car, which was where my head was.

Around midnight, I was brought awake by people being rough with my car (or so I thought) and a conversation. I overheard someone telling someone else that she also had a young baby at home and that she could give her some formula, diapers, and wipes, but she couldn't bring them until in the morning. I quickly sat up and put down the car window and said I could go to the 24-hour Wal-Mart and get some formula for the baby. The person offering the assistance, an employee of the facility, suggested I follow her home, 2-3 miles away and bring back the supplies. She used my cell phone to call her husband and, speaking in Spanish, instructed him to place the supplies in a bag and meet her in the parking lot of a convenience store (which was next to their mobile home park, it turns out). I asked her for some info about the family, and was told she had given them food items from the facility restaurant that were destined for the garbage (but which were clean and unused), so the parents had eaten and had something to eat in the morning. Things went as planned, and I drove back with the baby supplies. Unfortunately, the return road was rough, and the car bottom hit the road in a couple of spots (because it needs shocks), but I could only ask that there be no damage because the baby needed the supplies. It takes something really important to get this Traveling Angel on the road after midnight!

Once back at the travel center/truck stop, I pulled a new roll of paper towels and a roll of toilet paper (good substitute for Kleenex/facial tissues) for the family out of the trunk of the Lightmobile. I awoke the mother, who was asleep in the front of the truck with the baby, and asked what else was needed, confirming they had water bottles to fill. She said they were on the way to New Orleans, where her husband's father lived, and that they were about out of gas, but someone had told them about the church down the road that regularly helps those the travel center/truck stop sends their way. I silently asked if I was to give them some money, but got I had done what those looking out for the family needed me to do. [An Aside: During the previous 24 hours, I had pushed myself to finish reading, so I could return it to the library, 1 Dead in the Attic: After Katrina (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2007) by Pete Rose, a resident of New Orleans and reporter for the newspaper there, who won awards for his writing about Katrina.]
So I returned to the Lightmobile and laid me down to sleep--again. Couldn't go to sleep right away for I was filled with gratitude that I had obviously been used to help others--again! Earlier, before moving my car, I had been aware of a conversation that included the words, "There is a baby." You see, many times I can "hear" the conversations of those working through my instrument and other "unseen ones" who recognize that I am someone they can ask to assist those in need (as well as those of the beings of darkness set on sabotaging my mission). There was that terrible odor that seemed to get stronger, so I moved my car. Who was shaking or hitting on my car? The employees of the facility had no reason to do that. No doubt it was the "unseen ones" (and that's happened before to get me to an alert state). Coincidence or Divine Intervention? I'm betting most readers of this blog will recognize it as Divine Intervention.

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