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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


October 3, 2007

Around noon today, I thought I was being blessed with a wonderful infusion of very-high vibration energy (which has happened many times over the years since I began my Love Work). Energy infusions are gifts from the "divine" and are delivered in various ways. One manner in which they are delivered is for a high-vibration being from fifth dimension to downstep and merge its being with that of the recipient. This usually lasts from several minutes to an hour. Care is taken so as not to "fry" the recipient's systems. Also, the higher the vibration of the environment the recipient is in, the easier it is on the deliverer from 5D.

I was mistaken that I was being gifted with an energy infusion. That is an easy mistake to make at the beginning of a 5D or "divine" visitation because energy infusions are a side effect of such a visitation. Feels so good! In my case, the visitation's main purpose was to check out my body because of some symptoms of dis-ease I have been experiencing this year. I was given the physical cause and an indication it will be remedied. I am grateful--to say the least! After today's visitation, my hostess noticed when the feet lifted somewhat from the floor, leaving the area near the toes in place. Yes, it most definitely is uplifting!

Researchers have found that the frequencies/vibrations of human beings can be measured (MHz) by machine--and that all fall within a certain range, but it is a wide range. When reading the research, it's easier to understand why some humans are energetically incompatible with other humans. Others have their own systems to measure the vibrations of people and places. According to Bryan James ( www.circleoflight.com ): "Most people are born with a frequency of 200 and a Light ratio of 70%, and then it goes up or down from there" [throughout the life]. He notes that 200 is considered the minimum for a "good" person, and that a 1,000 frequency and an 80% Light ratio is required for ascension. It makes sense, as James says, that those who have a "special mission" are given more to start out with. He claims Jesus was born with a 1,000 frequency rather than the typical 200 and was 100% light, rather than the usual 70%.

The light ratio was already a part of our Analysis/Diagnosis form. I've decided it might be useful to include the frequency information, based on Bryan James' framework. We'll be asking what frequency the individual came in with (whether born-in or walk-in) and what frequency the person is at the time of the reading. If 1,000 is the required frequency for ascension, I'd venture to say that most of us are nowhere near close--based on preliminary research. Personally, I came in at 400, according to James scale, and I knew I had a "special mission." I have not succeeded well at maintaining that frequency. Oh, well! It's been difficult for me in 3D. Since the visitation/energy infusion, however, the frequency has been higher. [Insert: The morning after making this post, the frequency was 550 and light ratio 90%. I was given to "give yourself some time" to stabilize the frequency. In other words, I'm to be patient.]

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