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Monday, November 19, 2007


November 19, 2007

We have posted heretofore about there being a range of frequencies for souls expressing in human form, which vary by individual. Again, all do not have the same frequency. What's more, the frequency of one fluctuates depending on several variables--including environment (which has numerous facets), interactions with others, contaminants in the energy bodies, etc.

Finally was sufficiently motivated to do an analysis of a young man with whom I feel a strong rapport (not yet of legal age in the State of Texas). I found that he entered his human body-mind unit around its birth with a frequency of 670 (on a scale of 1-1,000). According to Bryan James, most come in at 200, but those with special missions come in with a higher/finer frequency. I came in at between 400 and 500 (forget the exact number)--to heal and to teach. According to Bryan James, Jesus Christ came in at 1,000. The 670 of this young man (who came to teach) explains the beams of light coming from his eyes when he was a toddler (which also showed up in photos from time to time) and maybe his ability to send and retrieve telepathically (when communicating with me).

During the initial decontamination process for this young man (1 to 1 1/2 hour), I looked into his eyes (via photo) a lot. The process was interrupted by unexpected guests, and I noticed that I felt better than when I began the decontamination. Upon completion, after a short visit with the guests, I felt bright and light and clear and wonderful, and my frequency had jumped up to 580. Obviously, it was as a result of looking into the eyes of this special being, the windows of his soul.

[Would like to insert an "aside" here. It is normally not recommended one stare into the eyes of photos of others. This is one easy method that one can come under the influence and control of others. And, please, above all, do not look into the eyes of terrorists, murderers, etc. (in photos) even momentarily. There is, at the least, an energy transfer. I am reminded of the woman touching the hem of Jesus Christ's garment and he felt something "go out" of him. I have had people tap into my energies, but it normally doesn't drain me as it does some people. It only increases the flow of universal life force energy through my being, which is also beneficial to me. If one ever feels drained by others, then it is because one's channels are congested or blocked. The other person is not the problem.]

The only contaminants of consequence we could find in this high-vibration young man were that there seemed to be three extensions of other people in him and several negative psychic cords. After the clearing, his frequency immediately climbed several points--from 635 to 650--still short of his entrance frequency, but closer nonetheless. For some time, I had been fascinated that he had polyps removed from sinus cavities several years ago. No one else in his extended family had that problem--except a stepgrandfather (no biological relationship). With years of experience behind me, I suspected an energy correlation. He recently learned that there are now more polyps in the sinus cavities to be removed. What's more, tests have found him very allergic to cats (which the family has). Guess who else is very allergic to cats. Yes, it's the stepgrandfather (and no other family member). That information was all I needed to take action. Obviously, he has been contaminated for years by the stepgrandfather's energies, which the analysis revealed and the decontamination cleared. Our agreement is that only those actions allowed by the soul of the individual are taken so as not to violate soul agreements.

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