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Saturday, January 19, 2008


January 19, 2008

The energy field of adult humans normally radiates out in all directions to at least 55'-- which doesn't necessarily mean the field is strong and healthy. It is a wonderful thing to keep universal life force energy flowing strongly through the body. The benefits are many. For one thing, everyone recognizes how difficult it is to swim upstream against a strong flow of water. The same thing applies to the flow of energy. Entities and energies who want to invade your space find it difficult if your flow is strong. There are ways to enhance and strengthen one's energy field.

One way to do this is by using breathing exercises. I like to start people on this project with instructions to "prime the pump" with an energizing breath technique, which goes like this: Take several rapid breaths in and out through the mouth, making sure to pull the air down into the abdomen. You will usually see your abdomen expand when inhaling and contract when exhaling. If not, purposefully make that happen. Repeat silently to yourself over and over: "I am energized. I am vitalized."

Practicing breathing through the body's major energy centers (chakras) is beneficial. Also, this procedure helps to clear the chakras: Begin by deep breathing slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth to relax yourself. Imagine a big ball of light energy above your head. As you breathe deeply, imagine the light coming into your crown chakra and down to the brain stem, and down the spine to where the root chakra intersects the spine. Take a deep breath, and imagine the root chakra is absorbing and assimilating energy and is healing and strengthening itself. Then exhale, imagining you are expelling negative energy from that chakra, leaving it clearer and more resilient than before, breathing out both sides of the root chakra with the light energy. (Your angelic support team is waiting to gather and transmute all the garbage that you breathe out of your chakras.) Remember to fill the chakras with light after each clearing. Do this procedure for all your major chakras until you reach the Third Eye area. This is somewhat different. When you breathe out, the light goes out through the forehead and also through the back of the head down near the base of the skull. You will find your body seems to naturally do this, and you may feel a strange, pleasant sensation in your forehead. You may find it convenient to work on the crown and third eye chakras at the same time. Remember to fill each chakra with light after each clearing. Now for the fun! As you get better at this, you may clear the 1st and 2nd chakras together easily. Practice until you can imagine the light flowing out all your major chakras simultaneously. As you become more skilled at this process, you can fill your entire physical body with light and then breathe it out through all the pores of your skin.

The next step is to consciously and intentionally expand the energy out to fill an area 3' around your physical body in all directions--the approximate area of your auric egg. With every breath you take, the area is filling with the energy. Imagine that. Now state your intention to expand the energy outward to 55' in all directions. Breathe powerfully, and as you imagine the energy moving out, count 5 feet...10 feet...15 feet...20 feet...25 feet...30 feet...35 feet...40 feet...45 feet...50 feet...55 feet. Imagine the energy expanding outward in all directions as you breathe as you are at the center of a globe/ball/circle of light. When complete, allow yourself to relax as you sense the energy surrounding you. This last step may take days or weeks to master, but the results are well worth it!

It is recommended that you practice it at least once a week after you are comfortable with it. We guarantee you'll be pleased with the results.

Seeking to serve (locally and long distance), we are one known as Angel-Light. Our healing/teaching mission at this level of existence is supported by donations of persons who appreciate and value our service.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator