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Sunday, January 06, 2008


January 6, 2008

Recently read The GenoType Diet, subtitled Your Personalized Plan for Turning Off the Bad Genes and Turning On The Good Ones (New York: Broadway Books, 2007) by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, who also gave us Eat Right 4 Your Type [blood type] in about 1997.

A senior citizen friend got really excited about the blood type book and urged me to study it. I didn't remember my blood type at that point, but she was sure I was the same type as her. At the time, she couldn't arouse my interest in the book. However, several years later, I noticed Eat Right 4 Your Type at a home where I was staying and looked into it. By then I knew my blood type (and, yes, it is the same as the friend's blood type): Type A positive. Dr. D'Adamo claims that Type A's are "the original vegetarians" and do best on some form of vegetarian diet. This body has been vegetarian for over 20 years, with a few slipups in the first couple of years, and is now mostly vegan. I laughed when I checked out the foods recommended for people with Type A blood because they were pretty close to what I preferred to eat. Especially recommended were tofu and garlic (two mainstays of my diet--then and now).

So fast forward to Dr. D'Adamo's latest book, The GenoType Diet, which is a lot more than the title implies. For one thing, it contains plenty of useful information about genetics in general. Dr. D'Adamo uses six GenoTypes: Teacher, Explorer, Warrior, Hunter, Nomad, and Gatherer. As I read, I saw myself in more than one category (which is usually the case when attempting to type-cast myself). Determining one's GenoType requires about one-half hour and the assistance of a friend. Reading the material gave my consciousness information about the types and where I did and did not fit, so I decided to take the lazy way and dowse my type. Measuring in 5% increments, found I'm 60% Teacher, 20% Explorer, 10% Warrior, 5% Hunter, 5% Nomad, and 0% Gatherer. I suspect most people will be a combination of GenoTypes, with one type standing out noticeably. In fact, I'm considering adding a GenoType question to the analysis form and referring people to Dr. D'Adamo's book for more information. Some questions on the analysis are answered by words on my mind screen, some by thoughts placed in my mind, and some by dowsing. GenoTypes would be a dowsing question--at least in the beginning.

Now here's the fun part. When I looked at the charts of foods, spices, etc. recommended and not recommended for Teacher GenoTypes, it seemed to line up with the Type A information in the blood type book. I strongly recommend both these books to those who seek guidelines for healthier living.

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