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Sunday, April 06, 2008


April 7, 2008

When I saw the book Multiplicity: The New Science of Personality, Identity, and the Self (NY: Little Brown and Company, 2008) in the new books section of my main library recently, I quickly grabbed it. The author, Rita Carter, is a science writer, and her photo reveals a "deep" woman who isn't hiding behind a facade (as you often find on covers of books). I have shared with an out-of-state friend/supporter my excitement about finding this book that validates my research on personalities and expands upon it, and she has already ordered me a copy (plus The Genie in Your Genes which I had blogged about earlier in the year and expressed an interest in having a copy of). You know who you are, and I am so grateful!

From the cover: "In Multiplicity, Rita Carter offers a new and vital understanding of ourselves. She argues that the impression most of us have of being a single self is an illusion and that in fact we are made up of a group of personalities held together by shared memories. Multiplicity, says, Carter, is a brilliant trick of the mind that helps us cope in a fast-moving world and makes us supremely adaptable. Each of our personalities has its own viewpoint, emotions, and ambitions. . . . No one personality is more authentic than another, Carter argues, and the ability to switch between personalities according to what is demanded of us is a huge strength, provided our various selves work together as a team rather than against one another. In addition to revealing groundbreaking research on identity, this fascinating and practical guide gives you tools you need to get to know your various personalities. Extensive self-assessment tests, case studies, and illustrations help you recognize and integrate your own team, as well as show you the most effective way to put that team to work. By combining the different skills, knowledge, and perspectives of your personalities, you can learn to use all your assets to your best advantage and tap into your true and vast potential."

Carter defines "personality" as "a coherent and characteristic way of seeing, thinking, feeling, and behaving." According to Carter, very few people have one personality. She differentiates between Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), aka Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)--and she prefers the label MPD rather than the newer label DID for several reasons. She also suggests that many people who aren't dysfunctional are labeled MPD/DID by the psychiatric community, and subsequent therapy moves them into the disease state. Carter reports that there are few psychologists who recognize multiplicity as normal. One who does is John Rowan, author of Subpersonalities--The People Inside Us (1990). He estimates that most people have four to nine personalities--what he calls subpersonalities. Regular readers of this blog are aware that we've posted blogs on the subject of subpersonalities. We also provide the number of personalities one has (main and sub) as part of the analysis/reading. During the clearing-healing process, we integrate as needed.

According to Carter, only a few people remain simultaneously aware of more than one personality, that "instead of feeling themselves to be just one, they are privy to the thoughts and feelings of 'back room' personalities," which she describes as parallel streams of consciousness. (The term "streams of consciousness" has been on the back burner of my mind for over two years now.) She refers to this state of mind as "co-consciousness," and claims a little of it might help us all. She mentions that some people's thoughts manifest mainly as voices inside the head, that this is not the same thing as schizophrenics experience. Their voices are usually indistinguishable from the voices of people outside themselves. Some people report overhearing discussions between other people inside their heads. I would like to clarify here that rather than voices, most people who are not schizophrenics experience this as thoughts--not actual voices. Some of the personalities Carter describes are: Defenders (Pleaser, Warrior, Fighter), Controllers (Driver, Wise Friend, Organizer), Punishers (Critic, Bully, Martyr), Role Players (Success, Professional, Boss, Clown), Relics (Abandoned Child, Mule), Creatives (Artist, Dreamer). Surely we can all identify with some of these if we know ourselves well.

Carter admits that living co-consciously may not be easy, but that co-conscious people may function better than the average person because they are able to draw upon the combined talents of several people. However, she cautions: ". . . there is a thin and moving line between adaptive dissociation--a healthy and useful trick of the brain that gives us mental flexibility and maintains a degree of separation between our personalities--and the disorders [MPD/DID]. There is therefore a danger of sliding from one to the other." She describes what she considers disease and provides questions for one to answer before going forward with the processes she provides.

Multiplicity is a fascinating and useful book. However, I feel Carter was remiss in not including the subject of "spirit attachment." More often than not, some of the alleged "voices" of those with MPD/DID are spirits (using a general term familiar to all) of those whose lives have ended who did not make the transition or who are fragments of living persons lodged in the energy bodies of someone else. (There are other types of occurrences, but we'll leave it at this for simplicity's sake.) For that matter, most everyone experiences this--at least occasionally. The only way a co-conscious individual can know for sure what belongs to him or her and what does not is to use a process to remove the units of consciousness and energies of others that do not belong--or ask a healer to do so. (This is currently included in our clearing-healing process.)

The Angel-Light team has assisted several people who were diagnosed with MPD/DID and on disability who had "personalities" with them who were not legally a part of the individual's consciousness mix. For example, once I had a conversation with various alters of a man when an alter told me how he had died and we discussed when, where, etc. After our conversation, other alters told me: "He's not one of us." Yes, some of the personalities confirmed what I already knew. That same day we facilitated the transition of the illegal one. This "lost soul" went home with the assistance of the Angel-Light team. One of the alters was a smart child who wanted to go be with Jesus. He and the alter of another man with MPD/DID had a plan to overdose on pills when next they were together. These alters of two different people who were friends knew that "cutting," which is common among those with MPD/DID (and which other alters had done to their bodies), would not end their lives. I explained to him that he wouldn't need to harm the body to leave and go live with Jesus and suggested he make a trip to see Jesus and ask him if he could stay with him and explained we could facilitate this. He agreed to abide by whatever Jesus told him to do. Some of the alters were not happy about this, but most wanted to take the trip. We facilitated a guided meditation. When the child asked Jesus if he could go live with him, Jesus told him that it was not time, that he had to come back. I want to make it clear here that a being he recognized as Jesus told him this. I was only the facilitator. Interesting world, is it not?

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Angel-Light Love
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