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Monday, April 14, 2008


April 14, 2008

On April 7, 2008, I posted a blog about a new book,
Multiplicity: The New Science of Personality, Identity, and the Self, which I had found on the "new books" shelves of my main library. The author asserts that one's life can be enhanced by identifying and working with one's subpersonalities (subdivided into major, minor, micro, etc.), which she claims everyone has, and about half the book provides recommendations and techniques for so doing. I've heard this called "aspect work" in the past. I had planned to wait until my personal copy arrives before beginning my own work, but parts of me just didn't want to wait, and we spent a couple of hours today getting better acquainted, making it as simple as possible, without referring to the library book, which I still have in my possession. We have found that most people have more than one personality and several subpersonalities--some more than others. As a result of that and the information in this book, I have changed the analysis/reading form to ask for "# of major personalities" and "# of minor personalities," which I feel is a much more accurate assessment than how the question was previously worded.

Have you ever said or done anything you or a friend considers "out of character"? Actually, who hasn't? This is usually one of your subpersonalities/aspects expressing itself. Do you ever sense yourself becoming someone different when in certain situations or with certain people? Examples of that are provided in the media all the time--such as someone who can't swim jumping into a lake to rescue a drowning person and "swimming" back out, and such as a small woman pulling a heavy man out of a wrecked car. Think about the various roles you play in your day-to-day life. One woman I know is a mother, daughter, teacher, makeup artist, and a beautiful, sexy wife. A man in my past obviously had different faces, which I identified as nonconformist/hippie, traveler, and consultant/advisor. He has played one role for a period of time and then another, changing roles whenever it suits him. Another man I knew is a world server, community activist, entertainer, status seeker, and businessman. I still keep up with both these men somewhat. I identified four faces of the man I consider my love-mate (although he's married to someone else)--photographer, lawyer, musician, and conformist. Make a list of roles you play and activities you engage in (such as soccer coach, salesperson) and see what you an come up with. This will help you prepare for your personal aspect work. And then go to http://markdavidgerson.blogspot.com (titled "Mark David Gerson's New Earth Chronicles") and read today's blog about the ego. Substitute the words "parts" for the word "ego" and you'll find yourself with lots of reasons to work with your subpersonalities/aspects. I am a big admirer of this bright light of a being and subscribe to the blog.
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