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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


April 9, 2008

Recently a friend/supporter told me during a telephone conversation that he had awakened feeling sorry for himself. But then he remembered someone he knew whom he felt had more difficulties than he did. He began praying for that person, feeling such love and compassion for him, feeling grateful that the man was in his life, asking for that person's needs to be provided and then giving thanks that they are being provided. He related to me that he knew for sure his prayers were heard (which hadn't been the case in a long time).

That's how it works, people. If one feels burdened, sincerely praying for the wellbeing of others and giving thanks that your prayers are answered is very uplifting. We might add that when one is financially stressed, finding someone to give money to--a beggar on a street corner, for example--shifts one's mood from negative to positive and gets energy moving so one's own financial needs can be better met. The friend/supporter mentioned in the previous paragraph is on disability income. Yet, he sends a small donation of appreciation for our Love Work every month--including the blogs, which he looks forward to reading. As are all who support this Love Work, he is blessed for so doing (which is the way we have it set up), and he knows it.

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