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Saturday, April 12, 2008


April 11, 2008

I've had plans to do some co-consciousness/subpersonalities work for myself using the framework set out in the "Multiplicity" book I recently blogged about. However, I knew it was crucial to clear as much as possible before so doing. (It's the same with regression work. As I've explained to people over the years, let's remove all attached spirits, etc. so you'll be doing your work and not someone else's.) Today I made plans to facilitate the full clearing-process for myself, set a CD of relaxation music on continuous play, and began to relax in a comfortable chair. I received "empath" and was given that I was to clear differently than what I intended. I had suspected that some of the subpersonalities I thought I had identified previously were not a part of me but energies of others that belonged elsewhere, and was given this was the case.

Those of us who are empaths find ourselves carrying energies that belong to others often, but most people are unaware they are also doing this. Do you sometimes sense you are "hearing" conversations of others in your mind? Do names of people you don't know come into your mind? Has anyone ever been really angry at you or disliked you? If you are a healer, have you cleared yourself after every session--personal, telephone, and long distance? If not, you can assume you're carrying energies that belong to others. Have people prayed for you intensely (because you were ill, because they labeled you New Age, etc.)? Has someone been obsessed with you because they are unable to have you? For that matter, consider that you are carrying energies of all your past and present partners. People in the public eye, even via the Internet, may have no idea how much they are carrying that belongs to others. One might be carrying energies of people whose lives have ended (but even these can be returned). If someone has thought of you intensely at any time in your life, it's quite possible you are carrying energies that belong to that person--whether you consider yourself an empath or not.

I began my clearing process with names of people whose energies I thought I might be carrying. I even pulled out my address book to get names. I went through the past for names of people in whose homes I had stayed. I also remembered names I had "heard" in my mind but didn't know people with those names. As I moved through the process, names popped into my mind--many of whom I had not a clue as to who they were. I would ask my consciousness for more names when I drew a blank. When I really get focused on something, I move pretty fast, and I'm sometimes reminded to slow down. Clearing the energies of others today was no exception. I'd be several names ahead and "hear" the name of the one being cleared. Once I found myself laughing aloud when I saw the name of a man in my address book with his wife's name beside it. I had stayed in his home about twenty years ago but would not become romantically involved with him. I had seen him several times over the years at gatherings of wholistic-type people. Let's call his wife "Mabel." I had been getting "Mabel" in my mind, and dug deep to try to remember who "Mabel" might be with no success. And there she was! How funny! When I spoke one man's name, those assisting me gave me "shovel." Get it? Another big laugh! Suffice it to say, I had some fun clearing energies of others today--and I'm not finished. Saving some for another day.

I have decided I should also check a book of names out of the library and go down the list. This might seem overwhelming to some people, but I will use a dowser and only clear the energies of those on whom I get a positive spin in response to the question: "Am I carrying anything that belongs to _________?" You do not need to dowse to clear yourself of the energies of others. The Angel-Light team does a general clearing of the energies of others who undergo the clearing-healing process, but this is one of those types of clearing where additional, more specific work can be very productive. We do offer the service of clearing one of the energies of a specific individual who has been a big problem and disconnecting one from that individual. However, we don't have the time, and most people don't have the means to donate for the clearing of 50 or 100 people.

Why not try this for yourself? Prepare as I described above. Then speak the exact words provided here aloud--unemotionally, with no animosity or anger, with normal tone of voice--not in a defensive manner. I have placed in italics where words can be inserted, deleted, or substituted. "[In the name of the Christ], and under the Law of Grace, I [your name] decree I Am returning to [name of person] all energies, entities, and anything else belonging to [name of person] that I'm carrying, replacing that in me with high-vibration light--immediately, totally, completely, permanently, forever--now." After each clearing session, affirm: "I [your name] decree I Am recalibrating as needed now."

Please do not assume you cannot do this for yourself. And refrain from calling in angels, archangels, divine beings, etc. to do this for you. You don't need them for this. Don't ask someone else to do what you may can do for yourself. We have lots of assistance available to us when we speak the word. Thoughts are prayers. Decrees are prayers. Try this. You may or may not sense the energies leaving you, but you'll feel different almost immediately. You may feel hollow or empty, but that space quickly fills because you're replacing the energies with high-vibration light (by speaking the word). After the change work and subsequent recalibration, you'll be glad you did. Don't forget to have fun!

Seeking to serve (locally and long distance), we are one known as Angel-Light. Our healing/teaching mission at this level of existence is supported by donations of persons who appreciate and value our service.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator