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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


July 15, 2008

For some people, particularly those of fundamentalist Christian persuasion, the word "mantra" is a dirty word. For those interested in eastern religions, it is not. Mantras can be useful for anyone regardless of religion or non-religion.

Any words can be chosen for a meditation mantra, including "Jesus Christ," which I have used in the past. Two I currently recommend for use in breath meditations are "Be Still" and "Here Now." The mantra "at ease" can be very helpful when one feels the need to relax, center, and become more calm. Sometimes I combine several.

One can begin a simple breath meditation by consciously and intentionally breathing in and out with the entire trunk of the body, gradually allowing the body to set its own pace. Then one witnesses the body's act of breathing. The mantra can be repeated silently, with one word on the inhale and one word on the exhale. This is an excellent way to achieve centeredness and prepare for deep meditation.

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