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Thursday, July 10, 2008


July 10, 2008

Be forewarned that this subject may "rattle the cage" of some readers. Just keep in mind that human body-mind units are complete mammals/animals in and of themselves, and can function without divine souls (which are created separately and come live in human forms). By original species DNA is meant Simian (apes/monkeys) DNA. In The Holy Bible, it says, "Let us make man in our own image and likeness," and mankind was created via genetic manipulation of existing/original species (several times over the history of this planet, actually).

Last month I watched part of an Oprah show (multi-tasking as I often do) that was about a new movie. The three main male characters were guests. One of these was a very little person (sometimes labeled "dwarf"). He had very, very bright eyes and was bald, so I could easily see the shape of his head, and appeared "other worldly." I found myself wondering about his genetic makeup and was given he has 15% of original species DNA (measuring in 5% increments). We find that most people we provide with an analysis have between 20% and 30%, with 25% being common. This man's percentage of original species DNA is below the range, but not unusually so. Still, one might think that he has more so-called "ET" DNA than the usual.

Recently, I read in the July/August 2008 issue of Psychology Today magazine about Jill Price. She and Bart Davis wrote an article about her mental functioning titled "Total Recall." Scientists who have studied Price and published papers about her claim she is "the first diagnosed case of Hyperthymesic Syndrome--the continuous, automatic, autobiographical recall" of every day of her life from age 14 on. This didn't happen all at once; she didn't just wake up one morning with this ability. Her memory was observed to be "shockingly accurate" in 1974 when she was eight years old and has been" near perfect" since 1980 when she was fourteen. Her memory covers both world events and everyday occurrences. You give her a date, and she can tell you what she did that day and what was going on in the world. You give her information about a world event, and she can tell you what the date was and what she did that day as well. However, despite her highly unusual memory, Price claims to be "horrible" at memorizing facts (as for a test).

Scientists have wondered if the syndrome is due to some sort of physical development that was genetically programmed into Price's brain's growth. MRI scans of her brain identified over 24 areas that are "a good deal larger than normal," with some of them being "extraordinarily large." Price's entire brain is not larger than normal--just some areas of it. I wondered about the original species DNA and was given she has only 5% (measuring in 5% increments).

Now this may mean nothing at all, but I found it interesting and wanted to share.

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