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Sunday, August 24, 2008


August 24, 2008

Question: Could you please give me some hint or clue or say some prayers that will help me make my ascension? I need some outside assistance from my creator.

Response: First, if you need outside assistance from your "creator," just ask for it. I am sending you some documents that may assist you with asking. Just insert "creator" where you wish in the group of who you're asking. I'm also sending you a recent blog titled "Self Talk." This is so important. Create affirmations that are uplifting. Affirmations are one way to pray. And they do make shifts/changes within--some immediately, some soon, some eventually with repetition. Make such affirmations part of your daily life.

Also, I'm sending you a blog I wrote on ascension, which explains my point of view, which is: You don't focus on ascension per se. You focus on raising your frequency resonance vibration--by decontaminating--by quality and quantity prayer and meditation time--being careful what you allow to enter your consciousness through television, conversations, movies, etc.--listening to uplifting, soothing music rather than jarring or depressing music--eating higher-vibration foods (very important--no flesh foods, lots of high-water content foods)--avoiding as many drugs as possible (both legal and illegal)--abstaining from alcohol (except perhaps a little wine daily)--giving yourself lots of time in nature, etc.

The higher your frequency resonance vibration, the sooner your ascension. That's the bottom line. And one can also ascend while living this life in one's human body-mind unit. It's more like expanding into one's Multidiimensional Soul (MSS), making that connection, and merging. Just affirm so doing and imagine so doing. The Universe will usually accommodate you--if only temporarily until your frequency resonance vibration is at a higher level.

Here's an affirmation to assist: I [NAME] DECREE I AM MATCHING MY FREQUENCY RESONANCE VIBRATION TO MY OVERSOUL'S FREQUENCY RESONANCE VIBRATION--IMMEDIATELY, TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, PERMANENTLY--PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE--NOW. Now if one is indulging in lower-level activity, one shouldn't expect this to happen--let alone be sustained over time.

Hope this is helpful.

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Angel-Light Love
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