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Friday, October 03, 2008


October 3, 2008

Sometimes I'm a little slow--to comprehend jokes and to understand the guidance Divine wants to impart. Oh, well! Nobody's perfect, but not understanding the Divine guidance can be detrimental to one's wellbeing. I can personally attest to that! Fortunately, Divine just keeps on keeping on in hopes I'll "get it" and take action one day.

Got something recently--finally! I realized that I was carrying energies of places. Not only that, but it became clear that I'm not unique in that regard by any stretch of the imagination! I assumed these were places I'd been, but I was wrong about that. I discovered I was carrying energies of places I'd never been in this life. Now you might respond, "What's wrong with that?" To that I'd say, "Plenty!" The energies of places are comprised of what has happened in those places over the years, over the centuries, etc. It's been proven that in older countries worldwide, churches and other spiritual centers tend to be built over previous sacred sites--without knowing it until excavation begins! The sacredness attracts those of similar focus seeking to establish their spiritual and religious centers.

Well, what if your home has been built over an old battlefield? Or what if there had been grisly murders in your home or on that spot? What if young men gathered for fights nearby or use of harmful drugs happened a lot around where you live? What if it were a place of ancient sacrificial rites? More commonly, what if your home had been build on the spot of an old tavern or even a bowling alley? The list goes on! There have been articles and books written reporting the effects such as this can have on one's wellbeing. Personally, I tend to attract spirits of the dead wherever I go, so I make a point of asking in and around cemeteries if there is anyone there who needs help. People such as this tend to find me in public places and know I can help and ask for assistance. Unfortunately, what if one is an anointed "soulkeeper" and doesn't know it? The spirits still follow these around seeking assistance.

I stayed the entire year of 1997 in a home in an old area of a Dallas suburb. One healer more clairvoyant than I was at the time and who visited me in the home said, "Angel-Light, you've done a lot of good here, but this is too big a job for you. You need to get out of here." I could write a novella about the phenomena in that home! Obviously, I like a challenge--to my detriment.

Anyway, yesterday after I "got it" about the energies of places I was carrying around, that area was the first I cleared. Then I went on to other places I'd been or even shopped, and cities and counties and states I'd been in. Suggestions were given me. I was taken aback when I got "Chapel Hill," because to my knowledge I'd never been in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but I addressed it, anyway. Later, I got "Chapel Hill" again and realized it was a different Chapel Hill than the one I was aware of. Then I got the idea of addressing whole areas, like the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and the African Continent. Personally, I'm able to test and get answers and then clear only those places I get a "yes" on. However, if one does not yet have that knowledge of how to test (and there are many ways, lots of them on handouts we provide), then one can just address whatever place or area comes to mind. I was carrying energies of places I'd never been, and I wanted them all cleared, truth be told. So I spent an hour and more doing this.

Here's how you can do it. If you are in close communication with your guides, you can invoke them: "guide who is always there," which is your high self, and "guides of 100% light." Only recently have I decided to connect with guides again and make them a working part of my support team, which includes Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel and their legions of angels. I also invoke "the Hierarchies of Light" and "the Legions of Light." If you are working with mostly your guides, use "I want" statements, like this (after invoking them): "I want all energies and entities of __________ [place or city or state or area, etc.] I'm carrying removed and cleared from me and mine and sent to where they belong now." (Yes the "and mine" is important. If you don't know why, write me.) If you are working with Divine Ones in addition to your guides, instead use, after invoking them: "I Am asking you all to remove and and clear all energies and entities of _________ [place or city or state or area, etc.] I'm carrying from me and mine and send them to where they belong now." You can also choose just to affirm, like this: "In the name of the Christ and under the Law of Grace, I [your name] Decree I Am removing and clearing all energies and entities of __________ [place or city or state or area, etc.] from me and mine and sending them back where they came from now." No matter which way you go about it, add at the end: "I want this clearing to be immediate, up and down the verticals, and throughout time, space, and dimension. And I want this clearing to be permanent." You'll find that most of the time, what you want to do will be accomplished. Occasionally, there will be energies that won't clear (in which case you consult with someone else who might be able to assist). There can be several reasons this happens. If you find after several days that certain energies didn't clear, and you cannot get why this is the case, then call on someone else for assistance. By the way, you can insert someone's name in the blank and clear the energies of that person from you. These are the energies that are most difficult to keep out of your bodies because often someone will just replace their energies with you, or you will unknowingly invite their energies in. And this brings up the integrity of the energy/light bodies and how regular clearing and strengthening of these (and rebuilding/restructuring when needed) is essential.

Seeking to serve (locally and long distance), we are one known as Angel-Light. Our healing/teaching mission at this level of existence is supported by donations of persons who appreciate and value our service.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator