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Monday, October 20, 2008


October 20, 2008

About 1989, before I'd fully committed to my Love Work, Grace Godwin, one of Archangel Michael's gatekeepers/emissaries, told me (during the three-hour private session I was privileged to have with her when she was in this area) that I needed to buy Franz Bardon's book, Initiation Into Hermetics (which was the first of four in a series, if I remember correctly). She said I would need the information it contained because I would be a target of the dark forces as I went about my work as an Angel Agent of Archangel Michael, that the book would teach me how to defend myself (with occult/magic techniques). Grace said that Franz Bardon had been a good man who didn't want his books to fall into the wrong hands. She said words to the effect that he'd be horrified at the easy access people have to books teaching black magic these days. (And that was twenty years ago; it's worse now.) I purchased the book, scanned parts of it every now and then, and finally decided it wasn't necessary for me to learn the techniques, that I would just pray when I needed help. That book is packed away in my storage unit with most of my others.

My chosen method of protection (prayers rather than magic techniques) has not kept me fully out of harm's way, but I suspect neither would have the methods in Initiation Into Hermetics. As I have experienced the attacks and sabotage by those who wish me harm because of the nature of some facets of my mission, I have learned a lot--including the importance of praying specifically in detail (and I'm still learning). For many years, I was adamant that no harm was to be done to anyone who was harming me. Unfortunately, I've found that it's not enough to live a no-harm life. There are times when one has to finally "take off one's gloves," so to speak, and give one's angels/agents permission to do what needs to be done to stop the attacks (of various kinds), block the curses, etc. So I give instructions for my angels/agents to do whatever they decide needs to be done to put a permanent stop to whatever is going on. I continue to learn.

Most people aren't aware that even prayers asking that others be harmed get results. If you're doubtful this is the case, I recommend reading Larry Dossey MD's book, Be Careful What You Pray For--You Just Might Get It. I have an article from a magazine on negative prayers that features Larry Dossey (in three separate documents on drive). The story of the journalist interviewing him (about her dark-hearted father) is chilling. It will certainly open the eyes of anyone who has doubts. I'll send it if requested (the three documents attached to an e-mail).

With our prayers and invocations, we attract beings to assist us that have a frequency resonance vibration similar to our own and/or of a similar level of consciousness. If one is angry at someone or wishes someone harm, dark entities are attracted. If one wants to help others heal and get needs met and has a loving heart, one attracts higher-level beings to assist. There are many levels/types of entities just waiting to be asked--what most of us call angels. That is just how it is. (Keep in mind that "entities" is not a dirty word, despite being used that way a lot.) Many times one doesn't even have to ask one's "unseen associates," and they'll act on their own in response to one's thoughts. Think about that.

Seeking to serve (locally and long distance), we are one known as Angel-Light. Our healing/teaching mission at this level of existence is supported by donations of persons who appreciate and value our service.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator