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Thursday, October 23, 2008


October 23, 2008

Back in the mid-1990s I created (on an electric typewriter) and sent out ten issues of my newsletter, the "Angel-Light Beamer," via snail mail. Didn't use e-mail at that time. I used small print and printed front and back to squeeze just as much info as possible onto the maximum number of pages that could be sent using one first-class postage stamp. The mailing list included over 300 people at one point, so you can realize that printing and mailing it was a big expense. I trusted a lot that needs would be met. Once a supporter took me to lunch and asked, "When is the next Angel-Light Beamer coming out?" As it happened, I had placed it with the printer three days before per higher-level instructions--despite not knowing how in the world I was going to pay to get it when it was ready. I told my supporter that it was at the printers and ready to pick up, and she asked: "How much is it?" When I told her, she responded, "Let's go get it!" So you see, Mission Control had it all taken care of--as usual. Isn't that wonderful? Those were the days! Makes me smile to remember!

Anyway, it occurred to me to scan those Beamers, which I now have on my hard drives in basic form, minus all the dressing up, for a piece of information I was trying to recall. Gosh, I got all excited and want to reread them all slowly. There's a lot of good information (from many sources) that is just as applicable today as it was then. I can attach the ten 1990s Beamers to e-mails and send them to those who are interested. Just e-mail me. The following two pieces are "my" words.

CREATING YOUR OWN REALITY: I read somewhere recently that it's the dark power lords who perpetuate the myth among humans that they can create their own reality. I didn't agree, but I didn't disagree either. I pray positive prayers for friends and others when they are having challenges. People often ask me to pray for them, and I ask people I can trust for positive prayers when I'm having challenges, too--which is what I did after the van broke down and I found it would need extensive engine work or a replacement engine. One person responded with: "Remember that you create your own reality" on my voice mail. As I was getting ready to acknowledge and respond to the voice mail message by calling this person's voice mail, I sensed Archangel Michael's presence and felt his energy. The following words came from Archangel Michael for the other person and for me: "Oh the delusions of humanity. Chief among them is they create their own reality. Such notions are fostered by those adversaries who have taken on the whole of humanity as their game pieces. It is through earnest and thoughtful prayer that humans entreat the gods and realities are changed. It is but deluded minds that claim responsibility for their various and sundry realities. Such fabrications as this offer some measure of comfort. Indeed, it is with the mirth of the gods that such fabrications are met. We would say to you and to this one: You would do well to remember who you are and play the living human game lightly."

REALITY: CREATING VS. MANIPULATING: Webster defines "create": "1: to bring into existence. 2b: to produce or bring about by a course of action or behavior. 4a: to produce through imaginative skill." Webster defines "manipulate" as: "2b: to control or play upon by artful, unfair, or insidious means, esp. to one's own advantage. 3: to change by artful or unfair means so as to serve one's purpose." "Artful" is defined as: "3b" adroit in attaining an end, often by insinuating or indirect means." We wish to add our own words: "Manipulating" is covert, deceitful, unbalanced, dishonest, evil, black magic, fear based. An example might be tithing purposefully (while invoking a ten-fold return). Another example might be using mind techniques when interacting with people to evoke a desired response [which can be helpful when applied for oneself, we might add]. "Creating" is overt, balanced, honest, good, white magic, loving. An example might be following universal law without giving much thought to it, such as when giving freely without expectation, assisting for the "feel-good" of it, the joy of it--benefiting others directly and self indirectly. This is creation at its highest and best. We postulate that the majority of humans are somewhere in the middle between manipulating and creating reality. Our words for you to ponder if you wish.

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