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Sunday, November 02, 2008


November 2, 2008

We have discussed the subject of Frequency Resonance Vibration (FRV) in prior posts to this site. However, we wish to take it a step further. One's Soul Self has a pre-embodiment FRV. When one descends (aka downsteps) into a human body-mind unit, one contracts, lowering the FRV to an acceptable level for the human body-mind unit in which one is placing one's self. (An aside: A portion of the Soul always remains at home.) So you see, one has a pre-embodient FRV and an embodiment FRV.

If a child is provided a safe environment with those it can trust, is praised, hugged, and loved, is fed when hungry and washed when dirty, the child feels free to expand, and the FRV increases over time--or at least doesn't decrease. If the infant is left to cry alone when hungry or dirty or just needing the comfort of being held, if a child is told "no" more times than "yes," if a child's body is hit or slapped on a regular basis, if the child is told to "shut up" often, if a child's needs of safety and survival and to love and be loved are insufficiently met, the child contracts and fails to thrive, and the FRV does not increase or is lowered. This can continue on in the adult life, of course. If one is yelled at by one's spouse, rejected in various ways over time, one contracts, and the FRV reflects same.

One can reverse a downward spiral in several ways--some of which are obvious and need no mentioning here. Sometimes ones have to hit rock bottom and may find themselves in prison before they turn to the Divine/God. There's a tendency for people to laugh at and condemn "jailhouse conversions" (as they are called). However, most of these are genuine. There is plenty of time to pray and meditate when one is confined--whether involuntarily or by choice (as in a monastery or at a spiritual retreat center). Too bad most people have to be experiencing serious difficulties before truly going within and surrendering to the Divine.

Seeking the Divine with humble and open heart and quieting the mind expands one consciousness and increases the FRV. There is another way to enhance one's FRV, and that is emulation of a soul one admires. (For me, Mother Teresa, Paramahansa Yogananda, Jesus Christ, and the Christed masters come to mind.) Many have only to speak the word to sense a shift, such as: "In the name of the Christ and under the law of Grace, I [name] decree I Am vibrating in resonancy with [name of person] now," or (the preferred) "In the name of the Christ and under the law of Grace, I [name] decree I Am placing all of me in vibrational resonancy with [name of person] now." We must warn the reader here that entities hanging around (and even friends and associates) that are incompatible with one's higher FRV will fall away--many not without a fight or anger. They just won't resonate with the "new you."

If one admires a living 3D person greatly and wants to model Self after that person (rather than be true to one's own Soul), one can read everything there is to read about that person, look into the eyes of that person often (photos), and make the affirmations given in the previous paragraph. Many times one will gradually take on some of the traits of that person--the good, the bad, and the ugly, so it is not recommended one do such a thing. Personally, I'll choose a Christed master over Donald Trump or Angelina Jolie any day of the week. To each her/his own.

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