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Sunday, November 30, 2008


November 30, 2008

About three years ago, a man I met while on a five-month mission assignment (in the home of a mental patient who had attempted suicide) commented that he could see several lifestreams going into my body and was confused about me. No doubt I had quite a few at that time--considering the assignment! I didn't know the exact definition of "lifestreams" at that time but knew what he meant. I assumed the terms "lifestream" and "unit of consciousness" or "consciousness unit" had the same meaning and used them interchangeably--until recently when I received new information when in communication with my hierarchy.

What many healers (but far from all) and others committed to their clearing, healing, and spiritual evolution don't realize is that multiple lifestreams and other units of consciousness reside in most human body-mind units (in addition to the divine souls assigned thereto). About 65% of human body-mind units have more than one lifestream in residence, and about 80% have multiple units of consciousness. These can be humanoid (and there are several types), elemental (fairies, elves, etc.), angel (of various genres), cetacean (dolphins, whales, etc.), insectoid, reptillian, and others. We're not referring to lizards and alligators or cockroaches or spiders we see in nature but much more advanced beings--most more evolved and advanced than 21st century humanity.

It seems that most healers automatically assume all non-human lifestreams are illegal and must be removed, but that is not the case. Years ago a long-time friend told me a close healer friend of hers had discovered an insectoid lifestream in her body and removed it. My guidelines during the clearing-healing process used to be that anything illegal was to be removed. But who decides what is or is not illegal? For several weeks now, I've been using "harmful, hostile, dark, and sabotaging" instead of the word "illegal."

There are many reasons for multiple lifestreams and consciousness units to reside in a human body-mind unit--both malevolent and beneficial (and some consciousness units do venture out and about on errands). Earlier this year I wrote about an artist who had three artist lifestreams in residence in his human body-mind unit. During a stressful time this century when I was relaxing on a park bench under trees, I "heard" the words "I'm leaving. I can't do my work here." And then I "saw" a humanoid with long white hair and beard in white robes walk away from me and disappear when he stepped into another time-space. A while back, a gal reported to me that she has "heard" several times, "It's too crowded in here." I didn't quite know what that was about then, but I do now!

Some of my memories and experiences are those of different lifestreams and units of consciousness residing in my human body-mind unit--including angels and fairies. I have memories/experiences of being an angel-in-training--once rescuing a bound and blindfolded man from two guys with guns in an inner city environment. Ten or so years ago, a very high-level (and expensive) psychic/intuitive told me in a group setting (free) that I'd be going to Findhorn. I responded that I had already been there. (If you don't know about Findhorn, and the wonderful results of working with plant devas there, treat yourself to reading about it--at least on the Internet.) One or more of the fairies in residence actually spent time assisting with the Findhorn experiment/project. (No doubt that's the reason plants thrive under my care.) Sometimes I experience residents of my body being out and flying through the air, playing in tree tops, etc. (Feels wonderful, by the way!) I have written about some of these experiences and memories over the last four years.

Consciousness units who reside in human body-mind units can and do leave to convey a message to others or attempt to enlist assistance for their human body-mind units. I am visited by these more than the average person because of the nature of my work as a healer. It is important to keep in mind that one's consciousness mix shifts and changes over time depending on the need and circumstances--those of some people more than those of other people.

Recently, after getting new information, to help me understand about lifestreams and units of consciousness and how many people have multiple lifestreams and consciousness units, I created a spread sheet with the following categories: # lifestreams (which have consciousness units), # additional consciousness units, total # consciousness units, and # consciousness units that are hostile, harmful, dark, or sabotaging. (Doesn't that get your thinker to thinking?) I then made a long list of people to check out--ordinary and not-so-ordinary, well-known and not so well-known. The list had the names of people we've assisted this year, a lawyer, a school teacher, authors, a paralegal, an entertainer, and others. As I went down the list and recorded the numbers, I received confirmation of some ideas and new information as well. It all came together and made sense! I initiated removal of the negative units of consciousness for several people we've assisted in recent months. About mid-way down the list when I became alarmed about the numbers of an out-of-state friend, I stopped and immediately initiated removal of her hostile, harmful, dark, and sabotaging units of consciousness. Well, that brought those dark ones to me for a visit, and they were not pleased, to say the least. I was reassured "protection in place" and went on with my work. I'm convinced that some times when people report psychic attacks, these are by lifestreams and/or consciousness units in residence. On the other hand, others have come from someone displeased with the actions of the individual and manage to inflict damage (necessitating repair of the light bodies, etc.).

People who are connected and in constant communion with their hierarchies and councils can ask that all hostile, dark, harmful, and sabotaging lifestreams and consciousness units be removed--permanently, of course. Others usually require the assistance of healers of various types. The Angel-Light team is, as always, available for supporters of this Love Work.

Seeking to serve (locally and long distance), we are one known as Angel-Light. Our healing/teaching mission at this level of existence is supported by donations of persons who appreciate and value our ministry.
Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator