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Friday, January 30, 2009


January 30, 2009

We refer the reader to our November 14, 2008 blog titled "Central Vertical Channel." I have been thinking about the process described, forming questions and getting answers, gathering pieces to the puzzle, so to speak.

Recently, while brainstorming with a cosmic friend about this and related matters, she informed me that Reiki attunements involve the practitioner opening the subject's central vertical channel at the beginning of the session and closing it at the end. She also told me that certain symbols (depending on the type of Reiki) are installed/entextualised along the spinal column through the central vertical channel. In the practice described in the first blog about the central vertical channel, the master entextualises information along the soul cord (close, but different).

This new information was a missing piece for me! From this I realized that one's central vertical channel is to remain closed except during such rituals as Reiki. One of the Christed masters who work through my instrument confirmed this and provided additional information. It is possible for occult practitioners of various types to open the central vertical channel of another person illegally. This normally is not a concern for the majority of people, but ones such as myself sometimes find themselves targets. It is fairly easy for occult practitioners to access central vertical channels that are constantly open (and thus, soul cords). Some people's central vertical channels are open because of past or present drug use. Blows or injuries to the crown can cause damage to the central vertical channel (as was the case with this instrument). In such cases, restructuring is necessary. The "soft spot" at the top of the skull of babies is part of the opening to the central vertical channel. Once the soul cord is sufficiently implanted in the body, this opening closes. When injury/damage occurs to this area, then the occult practitioner is easily able to enter, place symbols, signatures, emblems, etc. along the soul cord (as described in the process in the first piece about central vertical channels). Therefore, it behooves each and every individual to have the central vertical channel (including opening) restructured as needed, and to keep the channel closed most of the time.

Since the original draft of this blog, I have learned some more--from an advanced Reiki master and healer. Practitioners of Usui Reiki install symbols along the spinal column. However, some other types of Reiki involve symbols and encodements being placed along the soul cord. For me, this brings up the issue of openness and allowing. Until recently, I have avoided all Reiki-type healing sessions because of the symbols issue. My reasoning was that no way do I want Reiki symbols which link me up to other-dimensional groups installed (or entextualised, whichever the method) in me! (There are also other healing modalities that install/entextualise symbols.) In a recent healing session, I invited and agreed to certain installations from an advanced healer who includes Reiki (three types) in her repertoire (and whom I trust). I have no doubt it was in response to one of my issues that I had asked the Angel-Light team for additional assistance with. And I am very grateful!

We have added to the clearing-healing process the removal of any and all illegal signs, seals, signatures, implants, and energies from along the soul cord (and the closure of the opening to the central vertical channel). Decontamination and restructuring of the central vertical channel as needed were already part of the process.

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